Replicel & Shiseido Anti Hair Loss Treatment 2019 UPDATE!

What is going on between Replicel and Shiseido? When will be the RCH-01 available to the public worldwide? IMPORTANT NEWS!!!

Video Layout:
▶️00:34 What is Replicel RCH-01?
▶️01:45 RCH-01 previous trials and hair regrowth results
▶️02:35 Can Japan start commercializing RCH-01 by Replicel?
▶️03:28 Start of the 2nd trial, WHEN?
▶️05:23 Why RCH-01 still needs to be improved by a lot in 2019?
▶️06:54 2 big updates to by watching for by Replicel and Shiseido

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