Join us on Mission to Transform Parishes

Ablaze Ministries is passionate about transforming the church, and we want you to join us in this important work. From now until 8 PM on October 14th, a group of generous donors are matching all donations dollar for dollar up to $20,000! All one time gifts as well as the first year total of any monthly gifts will help us reach our goal. Are you all in for Ablaze? 

“Ablaze Ministries is not a normal youth ministry.”

“I have never witnessed a program that is able to keep the youth engaged, all while showing them the love of Christ and the enjoyment of practicing your faith. I am so honored to be a part of Ablaze Ministries.”

Brooklyn Lancaster, volunteer

Reaching Teens

As COVID first hit, Ablaze Ministries took the opportunity to come together with other missions to reach over 20,000 young people and their families through ProjectYM Live. Although our reach has been great, what is at the heart of our ministry is walking alongside young people in a personal way, teaching them how to pray as they pursue the Lord.

Supporting Families

Being a parent is hard! There is no way around it, but at Ablaze we are committed to building community for parents as they seek to build up their domestic churches. We have built a community of over 1000 parents from 10+ countries who have come together in support of one another through the struggles, but also in moments of thanksgiving for the many blessings that accompany parenthood.

Equip Ministry Leaders

We love our ministry leaders who are out on the front lines of evangelizing and serving the unreached all over the country. Through our Thrive coaching and training programs, we currently are intentionally forming over 300 youth workers across 50+ dioceses while working to build community nationally and internationally through our online group of over 7,000 ministry leaders.