Through your generosity, we’re able to create resources, provide formation, and offer community to countless youth, parents across the country, and our very own missionaries. 

Support Families

Your support allows Ablaze Families to equip and empower parents to lead their kids to Heaven, since the earliest faith formation in youth happens at home. Our ministry to parents includes The Village, an online community of over 200 members, free ebooks on Catholic models of motherhood and how to raise your children to be saints, and an online, self-paced marriage retreat that aids in building healthy, holy marriages.

Fund Youth Programs

Help our various Ablaze Youth programs to continue to grow! We’re able to minister to youth at three parishes and one high school and are constantly providing opportunities for them to encounter the Lord. Our youth ministers host themed retreats every semester, weekly youth nights complete with talks, games, and small group discussions, and take their youth to larger events, including Steubenville conferences, mission trips down to the border, and summer camps!

Equip Ministry Leaders

Build up our missionaries in order to continue to serve the Church well. Every Ablaze Missionary is loved, cared for, trained, mentored and challenged to be a better Catholic and minister. Through their constant formation and mentorship, our missionaries are able to not only serve well during their time at Ablaze, but also continue to serve the Church well in their positions after their time with Ablaze has come to a close.

“Ablaze has been a good starting point for the continuation of my faith. To me, Ablaze has also been a fun environment to learn about scripture and reflect on it. ”

Alex B., Ablaze Youth

“I’m thankful for the Village community for being a steady support for me even when my involvement and my intensity of faith have been fickle. I have been both affirmed and challenged by the community’s conversations and always enjoy participating in them.”

Nic, Ablaze Families

“Ablaze helped me build friendships. Now I have people I can talk to about my life and they understand what I’m going through.”

Alex, Ablaze Youth

Serving as a missionary with Ablaze for 4 years was truly life-changing. I not only received incredible professional formation, but I also received fantastic personal formation. My team helped me serve young people with passion and zeal all the while extending that same passion and zeal to me. I, too, was loved, prayed for, accompanied, and challenged to become the saint God was calling me to be!

Alycia, former Ablaze missionary

“I felt very lost in the Church, since I didn’t understand a lot of things, until I joined Ablaze Youth. Now I feel like I know a lot more and want to keep learning even more about the faith.”

C.J., Ablaze Youth