Testimonies The guys share how to utilize story and personal testimony to evangelize and as an integral piece of catechesis. They share the why, what and how so that testimonies can make a huge impact in your ministry.   Make sure to catch up on MLA Podcast’s latest content!  Subscribe and listen to Ministry Leaders […]

First Year in Ministry

First Year in Ministry The first year of ministry is quite often a whirlwind. Whether you find yourself in your first year or are supervising/working with someone in their first year, Sarah Lessmann joins the guys to share how to thrive in that first year and assist others to do the same   Make sure […]


Collaboration So often, we get focused in so much on our own ministry that we all put ourselves in silos. Michael Marchand from Project YM joins the guys to talk about how collaboration is not only better for building the kingdom, but better for us as ministry leaders   Make sure to catch up on […]

Make Ministry Fun Again

Make Ministry Fun Again Taylor Schroll threw a coup, overtook Chris with brute strength and mettle and took over co-hosting duties this week. He and Matt discuss bringing fun and the joy of the Gospel into our ministries. Taylor yells. Matt laughs. You will probably do both. Tune in! Make sure to catch up on […]

Dealing with Desolation

Dealing with Desolation All ministry leaders deal with difficult times in ministry. Whether personal struggles, the work of ministry being difficult due to a large workload or other things out of your control, we can find our passion waning. Matt and Chris discuss the inevitability of these seasons, how to navigate them and find ways […]

Traits of a Ministry Leader

Traits of a Ministry Leader Matt and Chris use this episode to discuss the most important traits a ministry leader needs to have. As the fall semester is ramping up, let’s return to these foundational traits we need to make sure we are growing in especially in the midst of the hustle and bustle. Make sure […]


Surrender with Guest Jim Beckman One of the most renowned ministry leaders in the nation joins the show to respond to some of the recent crises among ministry leaders. The conversation revolves around some of the most basic truths that we all teach every week but often forget in our own personal lives. Jim gives […]


Oversharing We often find ourselves in ministry settings where raw emotion comes to the forefront. Matt and Chris talk about the importance of these moments, but also how they can lead to people oversharing. They share what this means, tactics to help avoid these situations and what to do when it inevitably happens. Make sure […]

Beyond the Pew Hiatus

The Beyond the Pew team is sad that we have not been able to consistently produce videos important for Catholic families everywhere. Videos are on a continued hiatus while we find a solution that meets our videography & production needs going forward, particularly with exciting new opportunities such as Spanish-language videos that will specifically meet […]

The Liturgy of the Word

Welcome back to Beyond the Pew. As we continue in this series on the Mass, today we’re going to be talking about the Liturgy of the Word. This is the first half of Mass where we really dive into the scriptures and help receive the Word of God into our hearts and let it bear […]