Pentecost Novena Packet

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Over 2000 years ago, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to the disciples in the Upper Room. The Holy Spirit has always been working in the world since the beginning; even during creation, when God’s Spirit “hovered over the waters” (Gen 1:2). Every prophet and chosen leader of the Old Testament had power from the Holy Spirit in some degree. But at Pentecost, man was given the Holy Spirit in a way that not even Elijah had received. The Spirit now comes to dwell and live within us in a new way! He is the greatest overlooked Gift man has ever received.


Inside this packet, you will find novena prayers for every day, a verse to pray with, a reflection to discuss, and a challenge for each day. The novena is intended to end the day before Pentecost. However, if you find yourself a little behind, that’s okay! Don’t give up. The Lord would rather you pray this novena and have it end on a different day than for you to not pray it at all. 


This packet is intended to be a guide for you and your family to ask the Holy Spirit to come into your hearts as we prepare for Pentecost. Questions and discussions for children are written in an attempt to satisfy as broad an age range as possible. But as we all know, what an 8-year-old child responds to is very different from what a 17-year-old teen responds to. Use your best judgment in presenting this packet to your kids, and don’t put pressure on yourself to “finish” the questions if a good discussion has come up. 


The novena prayers can also be found at 

Many, many thanks to @emilyillustrator for the coloring pages. Follow her on instagram for some incredible coloring!


We will be praying for you as we enter Pentecost together. 

Come, Holy Spirit!

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