God is sending us in an aggressive direction to establish ministry to Bryan’s high school students.

We are being sent to storm the gates of hell that surround that school, but God needs to move in miraculous ways for it to happen. God wants to build a beachhead into the youth culture at Bryan High School.

The vision of Ablaze’s outreach missions is to reach youth in the neighborhoods surrounding its local offices. The goal is to minister to the felt needs of the young people in these areas—think feed the hungry, clothe the naked, etc.

While our goal is to meet their needs, the underlying reason for this is our Christian calling to go and make disciples of all nations. Our goal is to develop relationships with young people that lead to THEM asking, “Why.” Our goal is to bring them to a place of curiosity and trust. We are not going to give talks or overtly present Christ to them other than through our actions and love for them. When the young people ask questions of faith, we will answer the questions they ask, not those they don’t.

The Opportunity

A building across the street from Bryan High has gone up for sale. This building already has many pieces that would allow us to start this vital outreach THIS FALL.  But most importantly, Location, Location, Location.
All this has us asking, ‘What is God doing here?’

Process and Goals

This building is a natural next step to achieve the 3-year strategic goal of Ablaze to have youth outreach in 2 communities with both high school and middle school being served. This leads towards establishing a model that we can use to replicate this mission in other communities.

Utilizing a building close to the school, we begin with regular open-door times. For example, before and after school, Taco Tuesdays—free tacos for all students before and after school, and the 5th quarter after home football games. These times are primarily a ministry of presence and developing relationships, think contact work.

As the community grows and needs or desires from the youth arise, other offerings will be added. These offerings would be advertised at the “open door” times but never feel forced. An example might be adding a bible class that starts after the “open door” time, which would provide an easy opportunity for young people to start learning about Jesus. Another example would be to offer tutoring on another day before or after school.

This is an entry-point Ministry, an on-ramp outreach to the neighborhood. Other neighborhood outreach might include sports in a local park, block parties, etc., as some way to enter into the lives of the people in the neighborhood.

As youth become more and more interested and progress further along in the discipleship roadmap and express an interest in Catholicism the ultimate goal is to bring them into full relationship with the Catholic church. By the time that happens, they will be connected and integrated into a local parish youth ministry program. This parish youth ministry program would be an area where Ablaze outreach missionaries may volunteer to provide continuity.

Why This Will Work

Because it is already working!

The mission that God has already grown and established using our building on Coulter drive that serves the students at Stephen F. Austin Junior High in Bryan is the proof and foundation of the Bryan High Mission.

We currently see 500 unique students every month from that office. Conservative estimates show that we have had face-to-face interactions with 75% of the 1,700 students at that school. This covers two grade levels.

In the fall of 2024, two classes of students at Bryan High School will be impacted by the SFA ministry. The proximity of this building and the previously established relationships with the students through the junior high ministry will provide the foundation needed to launch this ministry at Bryan High School.


The ministry will be staffed primarily by the two positions that Ablaze has established to run youth outreach in Bryan. This team will coordinate with the missionaries and volunteers called to serve the youth in Bryan.

Building Uses

  • Proposed use
    • Contact work, evangelization, discipleship
      • Before & after school programs
      • Bible study, small group, and RCIA classes for students
      • 5th Quarter events (after football games)
      • Retreats
      • Exercise classes
      • Tutoring & Study Hall
    • Ablaze Benefit dinners
    • Concerts & Speaking events
    • Office & Meeting space
  • Potential use
    • Missionary housing
      • A portion of the building could be sectioned off for this purpose
    • Rental income
      • Large space for non-Ablaze events
      • Office space
    • Commercial kitchen to provide the tacos we use
      • A long-term solution is needed for this, as current taco donations are temporary.


The funds needed to purchase the building and launch this effort would be $700,000 for the first year. 

The majority of maintenance and upkeep will be done by the Ablaze team and volunteers.

Budgeting for annual upkeep will increase the annual budget by $10-15k per year.

What We Are Asking From You

For something as big and bold as this to happen, we know that God has already put it on the hearts of others to support this mission. We need prayers, we need volunteers, and we need funding. Take a moment right now to ask God how He is asking you to partner with Him in this mission. If that prayer ends with a prompting from God to make a pledge, fill out the form below.

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