As we approach this Christmas season and we are upon the end of this year, two key things come to mind. The first is that we simply would not be where we are today without you prayer, advocacy, and financial support. The second is we are ECSTATIC for where the Holy Spirit is prompting us to head. On the horizon are thousands of young souls, and hundreds of families that we are thrilled to be investing into through new and innovative ways. As we embark on this journey here at Ablaze, we can’t think of a better person to be by our side than you!

In this season, we want to invite you to prayerfully consider making a generous end of year gift to Ablaze Ministries, and join this movement of transforming parishes from each domestic church and those in the pews all the way to parish and diocesan leadership. God is moving in miraculous ways here at Ablaze Ministries, and we want you to know that you are a part of what makes this ministry great!


I support Ablaze Ministries because I believe the best way to support our Church is to invest in its future. Aside from my personal time supporting youth ministry in my parish, supporting Ablaze monetarily is the best way I can think to do that. 



Supporter of Ablaze Ministries





Equip and Care for Ministry Leaders Nationwide:

Give a Year of Thrive for Your ENTIRE Diocese: $5,000*

Give a Prayer Journal to Hundreds of Youth Ministers all over the country: $3,000

Fund a Thrive Course: $500 (12)

A Year of Thrive for Your Parish: $500*

Support your Ablaze Missionaries:

Speaker for Summer Formation: $2,500 (3)

Send a Missionary on Retreat: $150 (20)

Spanish Language Enrichment: $40 (20)

Accompany Families Internationally:

Parent Formation Speaker Sponsorship: $250 (3)

Parent Community Building Budget: $1,000 **

Join Ablaze in furthering the Digital Ministry Environment:

Video Setup: $1,500 (2)

Audio Equipment: $1,000 (2)

Lighting: $800 (2)

Backdrop: $300 (2)

Live video Equipment Upgrades: $200 (20)

Help us do the Little Things around the Office with Excellence:

Microphones for Broadcasting and Meetings: $125 (3)

Computer Stand: $75

Webcam: $50

Digital Scale: $25

A Book for Professional Development: $20


*Include item designations in the comment section if applicable.
**If donating towards a THRIVE membership, include the name of your diocese or parish, along with their phone number and email for the youth ministry representative so we can present this generous gift to them.