Ablaze Ministries was created to transform parishes through dynamic youth ministry. We do this by forming youth ministers and providing consistent world-class youth ministry.

One of the most impactful ways we do that is by raising up parents to lead their kids to heaven through our parent outreach, Ablaze Families.

Ablaze Families is growing quickly– so quickly that we have seen a need to reach out specifically to dads.

We are looking for a dude who is up to the challenge to foster and grow a dads ministry through Ablaze Families…Could that be you?

Let’s find out – think through your answers to the following questions:

  1. Are you a dad?
  2. Do you have a relationship with Jesus that you couldnt keep to yourself even if you wanted to (which you dont)?
  3. Are you passionate about equipping and walking with dads in their parenthood?
  4. Do you get energized by dreaming up new ideas?
  5. Are you committed to constantly learning and improving?
  6. Are you passionate about relational ministry?
  7. Do you see social media as a potential force for good?
  8. Do you work better on a team?

If you answered yes” to ALL EIGHT of those questions, then you should definitely KEEP READING…

We are looking for a passionate disciple who is ready to:

🔗 CONNECT with hundreds of Catholic dad’s every month.

🔨 CREATE & BUILD relationships with other parent ministries across the country.

🤝 CONTRIBUTE to a team that’s passionate about building the Kingdom and transforming parishes and families.

If other people would describe you as one or more of these things we’d count that as a win.

  • Dad-Joke Teller
  • Armchair Philosopher
  • Humble Servant
  • Gifted Preacher
  • Magnetic Personality
  • Engaging Writer
  • Self Driven
  • TikTok Famous
  • Quick Learner
  • Super Competitive
  • Web Designer
  • Detail-Oriented
  • Willing to Fail
  • Bible Scholar
  • Instagram Influencer
  • Podcast Expert
  • Rug Rat Wrestler
  • Insanely Organized
mom and dad holding hands with two kids sitting between them looking into a forest

We’re a small team, so we need someone who can step in and wear multiple hats.

  1. Ministry Coordinator – Well this should be obvious, it’s kind of in the title. Except, for dads. We need someone who knows what dads need, how to give them what they need, and can serve them in a way that is effective.
  2. Social Media Coordinator The majority of our ministry is currently on social media, so we need someone who can use social media at its highest potential.
  3. Moderator— While the vast majority of our online presence is overwhelmingly positive, there is always potential for the climate online to get a little wild. You would need to know how to respond to trolls and pot-stirring individuals with charity, while having some thick skin.
  4. Strategist You would need to strategically plan on how to best get connected and stay connected to dads of all ages
  5. Writer – Never underestimate the power of the written word. From content creation (like small group studies) to social media posts, you’ll need strong writing chops too.
  6. Connector – We’re looking for someone who can build relationships online with other ministries and maintain a strong social media presence. This is both an art and a science.

What you’ll receive.

📺 A team of coworkers who are a family. Sometimes, we think we’re a TV show — knowing each other’s quirks, playing pranks on one another, and loving each other on our best and worst days.

♥️ A leader who cares about your relationship with Jesus. At Ablaze, we encourage one another in our prayer lives by praying together as a team and sharing resources for personal prayer.

🌎 New relationships with other men striving for holiness. You’ll be connecting with other dads all over the world, hearing their stories, and affirming them and building them up.

The greatest chai-latte.

🛑 STOP, Quick skill check

We know you’re way more than the sum of your skills, but for a position like this there are some specific skills we’re looking for:

Knowledge of Social Media– If you don’t know where to begin reaching out to dads online, this is definitely not the job for you. You should come in with ideas on how to creatively seek out and minister to other dads. 

Creativity – The Dad’s Ministry Coordinator will create content that is exciting, engaging, and relevant to guys in their fatherhood. You will need to know what dads need in their journey in faith and fatherhood, and how to persuasively deliver it.

Project Manager – You’ll need to be able to take existing projects and enhance them, as well as develop your own.

The bonus round

Here are a few extra things that will help you stand out from the crowd:

  • Fluent in at least one non-English language.
  • Graphic design ability
  • Photography/videography/video editing expertise
  • Marketing experience.
  • A Catholic theology degree.

Let’s talk details

  • Part-Time. This is a part-time position paid by monthly stipend.
  • $1000/mo
  • Ablaze is based out of Bryan, TX – we would love to have you join the team in Bryan, but remote is possible..
  • We’re a nonprofit organization. Ablaze Ministries is a family of ministries (ProjectYM, Ablaze Youth, Beyond The Pew) – a Catholic nonprofit organization based out of Bryan, TX.
  • We’re ready for you to join the team. Our planned* start date for this position is April 2021, but we hope to have a decision made way sooner than that. (*The start date is negotiable.)

Can this job be remote?

We love the idea of having our team together in Bryan, TX, but heart for mission is the most important and we are willing to make an exception for the right person. If you do relocate to Bryan, TX – We’re right next door to College Station, TX home of Texas A&M. Just about a 2 hour drive from Austin or Houston. And not far from Brenham, HOME OF BLUE BELL ICE CREAM!


But we don’t want a resume or a portfolio (we can get to that later). Shoot us a quick video and tell us:
  1. Why YOU are excited about this position.
  2. Why WE should be excited about you joining our team.
Make sure you work a pun into your email subject line.  EMAIL YOUR VIDEO TO WORK@ABLAZE.US