Emily Sanker

Role at Ablaze: Summer Missionary

Contact Info: esanker@ablaze.us

Education: Pursuing a B.A. in Digital Media and Public Relations with a concentration in Communication Leadership at Marquette University

Ministry Background: Since Ablaze started working at Bishop Reicher my junior year of high school, they’ve encouraged me to help with multiple school retreats and summer camps, always challenging me to be vulnerable, take on different roles, and explore new ways to serve the Lord through ministry. This planted a love for leadership and talking with others about Christ that I brought with me to college where I serve as a weekly prayer group leader in my residence hall.

Passions and Interests: I’ve made a lot of short films with my friends over the past couple years, and it’s so fun to be a part of the process that turns people’s visions into a reality. I also really love theatre, mindless young adult fiction novels and rom-coms, college basketball, hanging out with God in prayer, and nothing excites me more than typing up a well-crafted email.

How did you become involved with Ablaze/why are you involved?

When the Ablaze staff entered my life in high school, my relationship with God and who I wanted to be was completely altered. I could see how the staff loved and cared for students in such a profound way and I thought, “I want to be like that when I grow up.” Ablaze introduced me to a God who loves me recklessly and unconditionally and showed me what Christ-like leadership looks like, and I hope to play the same role in the lives of others. When I saw Ablaze had an opportunity to do mission work over the summer, I knew God was calling me to spend my summer serving the Church and His children.

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