Plugged In

Howdy, and welcome back to Beyond the Pew for another great week in the midst of this series about how to keep your kids growing in their faith, involved in their faith over this summer time.

So as we move into this to this great summer time, things are changing. Obviously they’re not in school anymore, so a lot of times just naturally people are like, “Oh, school’s over. I don’t have to go to school so I also don’t have to go to church. I don’t have to go to youth group.” But one of the biggest things that you can do to help them continue to grow in their faith is to get them plugged in.

A lot of youth groups still have summer events there at the parish throughout the summer months. And then a lot of the big things like retreats or conferences like Steubenville, Discipleship Week from NET, or mission trips, a lot of these great things are truly life-changing experiences that young people can partake in over the summer, but they don’t get a chance during the school year.

Growing up when I was in youth group, it was actually the summer things, the camps, the mission trips, the conferences that actually made me the person that I am today, that actually reinvigorated my faith. It’s where I had my first conversion, and it’s where I grew in the Christian community with the other youth in the youth program.

So I am a huge proponent of getting these kids involved in these types of activities. So if you are here locally at Ablaze Ministries, I know St. Thomas Aquinas has some great summer programming for your kids. So get them plugged. Contact the youth ministers If you are somewhere else watching this video, contact the youth ministers at your parish, and see how you can help get your kids involved this summer.

If you’ve watched Beyond the Pew for a while, you probably might have seen the video that I made about how to help kids come back from retreats and conferences and camps and these sorts of things. So if your kids attended these summer event this summer, check out this video. Thanks and have a great rest of your summer!

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