Jesus gives us hope… Follow Him

Sound familiar?  If you’ve had any connection to summer Vacation Bible School at your parish, you or the people around you might have heard this message from the very first day.  Psalm 71:5 says “For you, O Lord, are my hope.”  We teach this to the children at an early age and need to be reminded […]

From Broken to Healed

Sometimes things happen that leave you in disbelief, especially when you were looking forward to such hope, joy and excitement. You look back and ask yourself, “did that just happen?” or “how could that happen at such a joyful time?” Your tears can’t hide the feelings of being broken down, vulnerable, raw, hurt and sad. […]

Modern Miracles of Physical Healing

When was the last time you heard about someone who was physically healed through prayer?  Have you ever witnessed healing yourself? I recently had the honor to volunteer as a prayer minister for a retreat.  During the week three people shared with me about previous encounters they had when praying with someone and that personal was physically […]