Parents are no longer the Primary Catechists

Disclaimer: This post speaks in generalities. Yes, there are still many amazing families out there dynamically living out the role as primary catechists which they embraced at marriage and reinforced when their child was baptized. This post speaks to the average church-goer, the one that needs to be won over and introduced to a dynamic […]

5 Simple Steps to Create Engaging Talks

You’ve worked on your talk for weeks in prayer and preparation.  You’re excited to deliver the Truth of Christ to the youth.  Then, as you’re passionately speaking, you look out to see a room filled with glazed over eyes. They have completely checked out. We’ve all been there. Here’s 5 ways to keep your audience […]

5 Ways to Make Faith Relevant to Teens

Those committed to their faith know the importance of having a relationship with Christ.  But for teens who are learning about the Church it can be difficult to grasp not only the beautiful theology but why it matters for their lives today.  It’s vital to recognize that you’re not called to simply teach the faith, […]

5 Hacks to Keep Teens Attention

We’ve all been there.  You’re in the midst of giving an amazing teaching, profound talk, or sharing the depths of your soul when you look out and see it – the teens eyes are glazed over and they’re not hearing a single word.  Their minds are thinking four times faster than you can speak, but […]