Georgiana DePugh

Hometown: Corsicana, Texas

Ministry at Ablaze: Summer Intern


Education: In the fall I will be an undergraduate Senior at the University of Dallas, where I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Theology.

Ministry Background: I participated in many leader roles of the DCYC conferences, and other retreats in high school. Involved in the Life Teen-high school ministry, I felt the desire to serve as a minister after my high school graduation. I took a gap year before entering college where I served as a leader in formation for the middle-school Edge formation for Immaculate Conception in Corsicana. Being at UD for three years, I have served in the women’s ministry and worked with charity clubs like St. Vincent De Paul for the general campus ministry on campus. Currently, I volunteer in death and dying ministry at Gospels for Life Dwellings in Grand Prairie, and I will serve as a disciple to the youth ministry of St. Louis parish for Ablaze this summer!

Passions and interests: I enjoy philosophy, and philosophers. Historical Theology. Among my favorite philosophers is Peter Kreeft. Folk music and Cajun food. When I find the time, I love running and British true crime shows.

How did you become involved with Ablaze/why are you involved? My University regularly has internship fairs, where I found Ablaze Ministries on the list of attendees in my sophomore year of college. Due to a late class, I was unable to attend but still reached out where I got an almost instant response from their recruiter. I fell in love with the conversation of ministry with Ablaze from the first phone call. Though I was unable to do the summer internship that year because of a Latin summer intensive I needed to take, I kept Ablaze on my mind as I continued with life that year. Going into the Fall of my Junior year, Ablaze had once again visited UD at a ministry fair. This time, I did not expect them to be there, rather I was walking to class when I spotted the woman who I had been previously calling about Ablaze. These constant reminders kept Ablaze on my heart throughout the year, and I finally decided to apply in March. I am at such peace with my decision and love the sincere work of Ablaze Ministries.

Favorite quotes and Bible Verses:
Not my will be done, Lord, but Your will.
-Luke 22:42

“Thank you for that gift to me. Do you have anything for the child?”
-Mother Theresa

All our own present experiences are primordial. What could be more primordial than experience itself?
-Edith Stein

Last Modified on June 5, 2020
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