Joe Annen Jr.

Hometown: Eau Claire, WI 

Ministry at Ablaze: Cinematographer / Graphic Designer

Contact: joe.annen@gmail.com979-575-7751 

Education: Pillsbury Baptist Bible College

Ministry background:  Growing up in the faith was something I am extremely grateful for. Having three sisters as my siblings was really great training for life.

My oldest sister was physically challenged which gave me a very unique perspective  into the lives and hearts of others. I knew I needed to do something with my life. We had so many experiences to tell that others simply wouldn’t go through. That is where becoming a story teller really began to take root in my life.

When I was thirteen my story nearly came to an end. I was shot in a hunting accident that placed me in the hospital for nearly a month. I wasn’t bullet proof as I once thought. Through that however God used that moment in my life to travel the state and share my faith. It was my fifteen minutes of fame. It really was a powerful moment in my life, telling other kids my age why I wasn’t scared while going through one of the most traumatic moments in my life. 

It really is true, God has carried me through all of those hard times. Once I found a way to tell stories through video I wanted to bring that ability to others. God has provided for that also. I now get to work with Ablaze creating content that furthered his message. 

Passions and interests: Creating Digital Content, Camping,  Video Games, Hunting, Music, Movies, Hanging with Friends, Playing Games, Sports. 

Why I’m at Ablaze: Being a part of a ministry that is so passionate about reaching others has helped me in my own life. I have grown and been able to create lasting relationships with others. IT has been such a rewarding experience, I want to bring that same opportunity to others. Being part of a team that is dedicated to reaching as many as possible allows me that.  

Favorite quotes/Bible verses:  Ephesians 5, Revelations