Nick Campos

Hometown: Toledo Ohio

Position: Director of Development

Contact Info:

Education: I spent almost two years at Lourdes University studying Nursing before I Left in 2016.

Ministry Background: Life Teen Core member, Summer Missionary at Life Teen Camp Covecrest, Full Time
missionary with the Diocese of Charleston, Full Time Missionary at Life Teen Camp Covecrest, Youth Minister
at Saint Rose of Lima in Murfreesboro Tennessee

Passions and Interests: During the year of St. Joseph, I thought it would be interesting to pick up wood
working. My first project was building a work station. Crushed it. Next I made a ramp for my dog so she could
bring her spoiled self into our bed. Again, crushed it. But with most hobbies, eventually you plateau and lose
interest or lack the zeal you once had. My plateau came in the middle of my most recent project of building
corn hole boards. If you’re inclined to help me get back into it, I’d love to have your company.

How did you become involved with Ablaze/why are you involved?
Like most people involved in any ministry, it started with an invitation to pray. PJ asked if I would pray about
this position and see where the Lord might be calling my family. Long story short, ablaze seems to be exactly
where the Lord is asking me to use my gifts and talents. I’m involved because I have a heart for mission, and
serving those who are in front of me. Ablaze allows me to use my gifts to invite others into this mission and fall
in love in a new and radical way.