Rethink Youth Ministry

Ablaze is a ministry organization dedicated to forming the young church. Our mission is to form youth ministers and develop youth ministries for parishes. We offer a 360˚ approach to building disciples by serving youth, ministers, and parents.

Come join our interactive and engaging youth nights this school year! Attend as a youth in the parish, a small group volunteer, or find more information on how you can join our team and become a missionary!

Imagine having all of the resources you are looking for as a youth minister to invest your ministry team and your own development! ProjcetYM offers expert advice to focus the skills and abilities of your team to tackle the thousands of logistical tasks that each semester holds. Join our community of ministry workers!

Beyond the Pew is an online community and resource for parents who want to give their children a deep love for Jesus while growing in the faith themselves. We weren’t meant to do this on our own. Join the community, learn and grow with other Catholic parents, and cultivate a love of Christ and his Church at home!


Regardless of your financial situation, you can help a generation by donating to Ablaze Ministries. 

Every little bit that you sacrifice will help change lives.