Sainthood Starts
At Home.

Ablaze Families exists to equip and empower parents to lead their kids to Heaven.

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Raising children to know and love the Lord in an anti-Christian culture is no walk in the park. We know it takes a village.

Intentional space for Catholic parents to come together in community

Join the discussion, learn from other parents, and celebrate wins together

Access exclusive small groups, family activities, parent courses, and more

Step into Monthly Small Groups

Start your own small group with your ministry or parish, or join one of ours in the Village!

🌱 A new 3-week small group series offered every month
📚 Grow in your faith with other parents in a small group setting

From the comfort of your own home, no babysitter required

Resources For Your Family

Marriage on Mission

An Ablaze Families Marriage Enrichment Retreat​

The grace that comes from marriage is meant to make us holy, make our kids holy, and transform the world around us. Marriage on Mission sets the stage for couples to re-orient their marriage towards Christ, and live out the mission to which they are called.

Take this retreat at your own pace! Choose to take your time and watch it over the course of a week, or knock it out in a weekend.

Marriage on Mission is available for a limited time – join the community for updates on our next release date!

Parent Institute

Visit our Courses and Videos to receive:

  • Tools to kickstart a family prayer life
  • Advice and encouragement for the season of parenthood you find yourself in
  • Insight on Church teaching and how to share the faith with your family
  • Support when it comes to raising your kids to know and love Jesus in an anti-Christian culture
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eBooks for Busy Parents

Monthly Activity Calendars

Join the community and receive access to our monthly activity calendars! Celebrate the faith at home while sticking to your budget and sharing the faith in a way that is fun, tangible, and engaging for the entire family. Monthly calendars incorporate:

  • Celebrating the saints by learning their cultures, special devotions, and interests
  • Prayer challenges for the family
  • Hands on activities for little ones
  • Discussion topics and questions for family Bible studies
  • Storytime on the lives of the saints
  • …and more!

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The Team

Jennifer Stavinoha

Team Visionary

Jennifer is part theology expert and part figure skater, all while being a stay at home mom to 3 mermaid princesses. She would love to talk with you about:

  • parenting determined little girls
  • Catholic theology
  • mediating middle school drama (especially for the ladies)

Chris Bartlett

Team Captain

Chris is a father of 6, a ministry aficionado, and the fearless leader of our team at Ablaze Families. Reach out to him if you want to:

  • learn how to make a legit family schedule
  • discuss youth ministry
  • ask about his epic card collection

Emily Shimek

Master of Details

A recovering perfectionist and stay at home mom who loves gardening and dance parties with her 2 littles. She would love to chat with you about:

  • navigating the “terrible two’s”
  • starting up a mother’s ministry at your parish
  • how to give your cat a bath

Sam Shepard

Creator of Opportunities

Our team’s friendly “let’s get coffee and share faith journeys this weekend” community expert. You should definitely email Sam if you:

  • would like someone to pray with you
  • need to discuss a movie (bonus if it’s from the Marvel Universe)
  • have a question about leading praise and worship