Ablaze Ministries

So let us tell you a little bit about ourselves…


360° Approach to Ministry

Ablaze Ministries exists to fill a need that is not being met. We provide ministry from a 360° approach by ministering to the youth, parents, and youth ministers. These three main functions of our model have developed into our 3 ministries: Ablaze Youth, Beyond the Pew, and Next Level Ministry.

our Ministries

Ablaze Youth exists to provide consistent, high quality youth ministry to parishes of all sizes. Parishes hire and entrust their youth ministry programs to Ablaze, who find young enthusiastic youth ministers for these parishes. Ablaze trains and supervises their youth ministers as they provide youth ministry in the parish. Ablaze believes that ministry should be done in teams, both for the health of the minister and to the benefit of the whole community. At every level within Ablaze, the individual is being poured into spiritually, trained to be a better minister, and is constantly growing within the community.


Beyond the Pew exists because being a parent is hard. However, being a parent and leading your children in your faith, while also trying to grow your own faith in a world that disparages both, is even more difficult. Beyond the Pew is a community and resource for parents that want to help their kids fall more in love with Jesus while growing in the faith themselves. Beyond the Pew seeks to provide tools and resources to dive deeper in faith and a love of Christ in both parents and their children. Sainthood starts at home, so let’s make some saints!

Next Level Ministry exists to foster excellence in ministry leadership. The NLM team has over 40 years of combined ministry experience and countless moments where they have inspired ministry leaders to be more effective, dynamic and committed disciple makers. Next Level Ministry can be hired to speak to your ministry team, consult to coach to teach best practices in a ministry environment, or simply provide a parish with the resources they need to succeed. 


  • Parishes hire an Ablaze team to become partners with Ablaze Ministries.
  • An Ablaze office is in every city where we are partners, which means multiple parish teams work together in the shared office space!
  • Beyond the Pew is an online resource for parents who are trying to continue to grow in their faith! They produce blogs, youtube videos, ebooks, and have an interactive facebook group!
  • Next Level can be hired to train your team, coach you one-on-one, or come to speak at your events!



Overcommitment Matt is overcommitted and Chris wants to help him and all other ministry leaders who find themselves in times where they feel like they are “drowning” in the midst of everything going on. The guys talk about ways to avoid becoming overcommitted, how to deal with those seasons and how to keep our eyes on Christ in the midst

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The Quickly Growing Ablaze Ministries Announces Major Rebranding Ablaze Ministries, a missionary team of youth ministry leaders, is announcing major rebranding to reflect the ever growing mission of rethinking how youth ministry is done in today’s Church. This rebrand aims to unite the three branches of Ablaze Ministries: Ablaze Youth, Next Level Ministry & Beyond the Pew. The focus on

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Youth Rooms: Creating an Environment for Encounter, Part 1

This is it. The moment you’ve been waiting for. School’s back in session, and that means your youth are about to start arriving for youth group again, with some maybe coming for the very first time. If you’re like me, your mind has been focused on making sure your kickoff is ready, getting all the nitty gritty details hammered out,

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Volunteer Retention

Volunteer Retention Last week, the guys talked about how to great recruit volunteers. This week focuses on how not to lose them. Matt and Chris share their years of expertise, both wins and failures, to guide you in practical ways you can make your volunteers feel welcome, encouraged and part of something great. Make sure to catch up on MLA

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