Ablaze Ministries

So let us tell you a little bit about ourselves…


360° Approach to Ministry

Ablaze Ministries exists to fill a need that is not being met. We provide ministry from a 360° approach by ministering to the youth, parents, and youth ministers. These three main functions of our model have developed into our 3 ministries: Ablaze Youth, Beyond the Pew, and ProjectYM.

our Ministries

Ablaze Youth exists to provide consistent, high quality youth ministry to parishes of all sizes. Parishes hire and entrust their youth ministry programs to Ablaze, who find young enthusiastic youth ministers for these parishes. Ablaze trains and supervises their youth ministers as they provide youth ministry in the parish. Ablaze believes that ministry should be done in teams, both for the health of the minister and to the benefit of the whole community. At every level within Ablaze, the individual is being poured into spiritually, trained to be a better minister, and is constantly growing within the community.


Beyond the Pew exists because being a parent is hard. However, being a parent and leading your children in your faith, while also trying to grow your own faith in a world that disparages both, is even more difficult. Beyond the Pew is a community and resource for parents that want to help their kids fall more in love with Jesus while growing in the faith themselves. Beyond the Pew seeks to provide tools and resources to dive deeper in faith and a love of Christ in both parents and their children. Sainthood starts at home, so let’s make some saints!

ProjetYM exists to serve those in ministry because we known it is difficult and that you want to focus on bringing Christ to youth. The ProjectYM team provides resources, community, engaging games and has served 20,000+ teens through ProjectYM Live. ProjectYM offers training, broadcasts, courses and so much more because youth ministers should not feel like they are doing it alone. ProjectYM seeks to serve ministry workers everywhere so they can focus on bringing Jesus to youth!



Over Invest w/ Matt Regitz

Over Invest with Matt Regitz Matt Regitz is a powerhouse in parish ministry. In this episode of Ministry Leaders Anonymous he shares what he’s learned from his 20+ years of experience and coaching other ministry leaders. He also shares about the shift in focus to the domestic church in a post-pandemic world. Connect with MattInsta: @mcregitzFB: Survive and Thrive Ministries Watch the

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Shifting to the Apostolic Age with Dr. Scott Cleveland

Shifting to the Apostolic Age with Dr. Scott Cleveland In October, Chris and Matt discussed the book “From Christendom to Apostolic Mission” in a two-part series. That’s how much they love this book and how important it is for ministry leaders. This week, they brought in the expert, Dr. Scott Cleveland from the University of Mary where the book was

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Lead One Chapter Ahead

Lead one Chapter Ahead This week, Chris and Matt discuss leading from one chapter ahead. We know ministry can get hectic (especially this year) and we can often get behind. This conversation reminds us that we only need to be one step ahead of those we are leading. Also, in a year of uncertainty and new challenges, how can we

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January Children’s Activity Calendar

Download Here January 1 Solemnity of Mary, Mother God As we jump into the new year, let us take a moment today to call on Mary as our Mother. Ask for her to draw your family closer to her Son throughout the year ahead. Attend Mass as a family to celebrate this day in the Church. January 3 Feast of the Most Holy Name of

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