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Instead of hiring a youth minister, think about hiring an Ablaze Youth Missionary Team for your parish. Our teams are a better investment for your parish because you get a team of highly trianed professionals and more consistency in ministry. We desire to multiply the love of Christ throughout your youth program and help your young people become the men and women Christ created them to be. Dream with us and help us rethink youth ministry this next year!

Ablaze Youth

Ablaze Youth was created because one of the hardest positions for a Pastor to fill is the youth minister. Ablaze Youth exists to provide consistent, high quality youth ministry to parishes of all sizes. Parishes hire and entrust their youth ministry programs to Ablaze who find young enthusiastic youth ministers for these parishes. Ablaze trains and supervises these youth ministers as they provide youth ministry in the parish. We believe that ministry should be done in teams both for the health of the minister and to the benefit of the whole community. At every level within Ablaze, the individual is being poured into spiritually, trained to be a better minister, and is constantly growing within the community.

When you hire Ablaze Youth, receive the resources of Ablaze Ministries

Ablaze youth

Our highly engaging youth programs are brewing up a storm! We are constantly seeking the best and brightest youth ministers to join our team so that your parish can be on fire to it's full potential. We believe in a 360 degree approach to ministry, which means that because we desire the best for your youth we also desire the best for their parents, the other permanent parishioners, and our youth ministers. We believe that it is vital for everyone to continue their theological formation no matter what stage of life that they are in. Not only do our ministers receive constant formation but we also have resources for other parishioners within your Church!

Ablaze Families

Ablaze Families exists because we know parenting is hard. However, being a parent and leading your children in your faith, while also trying to grow your own faith in a world that disparages both is even more difficult. Ablaze Families is an online resource and community for parents that wants to help their kids fall more in love with Jesus while growing in the faith themselves. Ablaze Families seeks to provide tools and resources to dive deeper in faith and a love of Christ in both parents and their children. Sainthood starts at home, so let's make some Saints!

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