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Come join our team of talented men and women who have been called to serve as missionaries! Each youth minister is dedicated to serving a specific parish community, while learning valuable ministerial and professional experience from their Director of Youth Ministries at Ablaze. We believe that ministry done in community will create an environment for the minister to thrive. When the youth minister thrives, the ministry will thrive. To learn more about what it means to be a missionary with Ablaze read below!


Come volunteer with our community! Whether you are arriving early to help the youth minster prep for a youth night, you are at Camp BASIC leading a small group, or you are helping our campus minister with a day of reflection we would not be able to do our jobs without you! Because of that we know it is so important to make you a part of our community! So send us a message now and let us know how you can help us!


Ablaze is committed to constantly forming every single person on their staff. Because of that our youth ministers will be able to support you and form you throughout the course of the year. Because Ablaze takes a 360 degree approach to ministry, we understand the importance of every single member of our team constantly being formed for the betterment of Christ’s mission.


We don’t want to brag but working with out Ablaze missionaries is a lot of fun! From youth nights, to retreat weekends, to lock-ins, and Camp BASIC we are always creating new ways to Rethink Youth Ministry! Drop us an email and see what ways you can join in on the fun all while leading the young Church to Christ!

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Address 210 William J Bryan PKWY

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Email admin@ablaze.us

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