Our Staff

National OFfice

Matt Rice

President and Founder of Ablaze Ministries

Alyssa Trutter

Director of Ablaze Youth

Chris Bartlett

Director of Leadership Formation

Dylan Browning

Director of Development

Kate Browning

Social Media Coordinator

P.J. Lozano



Development Coordinator

Ablaze families

Jennifer Stavinoha


Sam Shepard

Small Group Coordinator

Emily Shimek

Content Coordinator

Bryan OFfice

Brian Baudoin

     Local Office Director, DYM for St. Anthony’s Team

       and St. Mary’s Team

Sarah Lessmann

DYM for St. Joseph’s Team

Maggie Downing

Youth MinisterĀ 

Maddy Hammer

Middle School Youth Minister at St. Anthony’sĀ 

Truely Nguyen

Middle School Youth Minister at St. Joseph’s

Waco OFFice

Alyssa Trutter

Local Office Director

Alycia Frech

Campus Minister

Brandon Jaquish

Middle School Youth Minister at St. Louis

Greg Vanderheiden

High School Youth Minister at St. Louis


Michael Marchand

Director of ProjectYM


Success Manager

Mandi Whittaker

Project Manager

Paul Dittus

Creative Media Manager