Aaron Sowell

Hometown: Bryan, Texas

Role at Ablaze: Youth Outreach and Development Multiplier

Contact Info: [email protected], (979) 587-7826

Ministry Background:

I’ve founded an evangelistic college ministry that aimed to reach the unreached or invisible in a Christian town, served as a St. Paul’s Outreach missionary at Florida State University and Seton Hall university, and have served as the Missions Director for an inner city youth organization for two years in Detroit, MI.

Passions and Interests:

I am passionate about my family! I am married to my best friend, Mary Kate, and we are pregnant with our little one, due in November. I love theater and singing and slamming poetry any chance I get, as well as going to coffee shops or dives to meet up and skip the small talk with friends. I am passionate about Christian unity (ecumenism) and evangelization. I love networking and making new friends wherever I turn. I enjoy spending time with my puppy Brodie, who’s a corgi! I enjoy just about any strategy game.

How did you become involved with Ablaze/why are you involved?   I was in adoration with my wife on a retreat. She prayed for a baby, and the Lord called me back into ministry. After we returned home from the retreat, my wife was pregnant, and I said yes to the opportunity with Ablaze.