Ablaze Director of Youth Ministry

Build a LEGACY of Youth Ministry excellence

Help create the Youth Ministers of the future by sharing your experience and wisdom.

This is your chance to do more for the Young Church.

You’ve been in the trenches, working with youth in parishes. You know the pitfalls, struggles, joys and blessings of parochial youth ministry. Your knowledge and experience can be the saving grace for youth ministers who are just starting out.

The biggest struggle for youth ministers is burnout, where at Ablaze we keep you cared for, loved and surrounded by a team of Catholics who genuinely care about you.


Grow in your faith in a faith friendly environment.

Witness to young people and change their lives.

Help youth ministers learn the ropes, from you, the expert.

Give youth the experience of Christ that they’ve been searching for.

Broaden your experience working with multiple parishes and leading other youth ministers.

Build relationships with your teammates that last a lifetime.

If you have a passion for youth ministry, this is the best place to share it.

β›ͺ️ Don't do it alone.

At Ablaze, you’re on a team working to transform the church. When youth ministers thrive, the ministry thrives.

πŸ™ Prayer is priority

Daily team prayer, Mass and Adoration are just some of the ways we ensure God comes first.

πŸ™‚ People, not numbers.

From getting to know the Ablaze team, to cheering on the underdogs in a 3-legged race your mission is to make friends and be yourself.

Meet the Ablaze team

What you will be doing

Youth ministry isn’t just free pizza and chubby bunny.
It’s being the person God created you to be.

πŸ“š Educating

Our youth ministers desire continuing education. You’ll work with the Director of Leadership Formation to make sure the ministers in your charge are getting what they need.

🌿 Mentoring

We need your help to lead and guide the next generation of youth ministers. You’ll be advising your mentees and showing them the ropes.

πŸ‘€ Observing

Constructive feedback is essential for youth ministers to grow. We want our DYM’s to attend their youth minister’s parish events and provide helpful notes and suggestions.

⛰️ Training

You’ll be training and holding accountable the youth ministers under your care. This includes assessing their goals and providing formation to fit their needs.

πŸ’ͺ Supporting

Ablaze Ministries hosts larger events periodically. Your experience and knowledge planning and hosting events for youth will be invaluable to our efforts.

πŸ’° Fundraising

You can’t do it alone. We equip you with the knowledge and support to bring donors into mission with you. The next generation of youth depend on it.

Who we're looking for

You don’t have to be an Olympic Medalist Harvard Graduate, but we do have some requirements.

βœ… A minimum of 2 years in youth ministry is required, preferably including various ministry settings.

βœ… Citizenship in the United States is required.

βœ… Willingness to abide by the Personal Conduct Agreement and Spiritual Covenant.

βœ… Proficiency in Spanish is a plus.

βœ… Salary for this position is fundraised. Ability to work with Director of Development to meet salary goals is necessary.


If you hate the sun and happiness, this job might not be for you.

We work in parishes near Bryan and Waco in the great state of Texas.

  • Right next door to Texas A&M
  • Cameron Park Zoo
  • Dr. Pepper Museum
  • Just about a 2 hour drive from Austin or Houston
  • Not far from Brenham, HOME OF BLUE BELL ICE CREAM!
  • The Chip and Joanna Gains capital of the world (They live there)

Features of the Mission


Prayer focused


3 year commitment


Community driven


Staff retreats twice a year


Guided mentorship


Weekly fundraising guidance


Loads of laughs


Team prayer

How to get started

Send us your application video.

We’ll schedule a video chat.

Take names and transform lives.

If you have read this far and you are thinking: β€œThis sounds perfect for me!” You need to email us right now.!!

We don’t want a resume or a portfolio (we can get to that later).

Shoot us a quick video and tell us:

  • Why YOU are excited about this position.
  • Why WE should be excited about you joining our team.
  • Make sure you work a pun into the subject line.