Here’s to our second children’s activity calendar! To go with this month’s theme of Patience, we have gathered some activities for your kids to go alongside feast days. The hope is that this calendar can be something your children use to look at any upcoming feast days and keep up with family prayer goals! They can add their own creative ideas to the calendar and decide which activities they may like it try.
2nd: Click here for an easy angel craft to celebrate the memorial of guardian angels. Simply print out only the angel from this nativity activity!
12th: Have a discussion with your children that love is patient while coloring this coloring sheet.
15th: Learn about St. Teresa of Avila with this activity worksheet!
16th: Saint Ambrose is associated with bees and honey as it is said that as an infant he was covered with them while he was sleeping but they did not sting him. If you have honey on hand, make a snack and get your kids involved in the process!
22nd: Saint Pope John Paul II was known to love hiking and spending time outdoors. Show your kids some pictures of him exploring the outdoors and then go on a little adventure as a family to complete this nature scavenger hunt.