My “go-to” question is always:

Does it draw you (me, us) closer to or further away from God?  

Recently, one of our sons was curious about the back-story, if you will, about a certain person that prompted him to ask a bunch of demanding statements and probing questions.  He was like, “Mom, just tell me! and don’t you think I should know?”  Sound familiar? He even tried to justify WHY he “needed to know”.   I gave him several different examples and explanations of why he doesn’t need to know and that it really doesn’t matter – but it just was NOT sinking in.  (Cue: frustration.) Then I realized that I was talking AT him and telling him. When I really needed to help him come to the same conclusion on his own. I finally asked, “If somehow you found out what you wanted to know so badly, what would you do with that information?”  And before you answer, “Does it draw you closer to or further away from God?” After a very brief pause, I could tell by the softening look on his face, the slight downward movement of his eyes and the smile that followed (INSERT: lightbulb going on above son’s head), he recognized that knowing the “scoop” and using it to judge the person or be tempted to share the information, would move him further away from Christ.  That is not what he wanted. Yes, he got it! And me, well, I put a “W” in the Win column for that day. And just to make sure, I asked a little later, do you feel better about what we talked about? He said, “Yes.”

Helping him understand that participating in gossip and knowing the juicy details, is not going to draw him closer to Christ or anyone else for that matter.  Gossip is damaging. It is a good reminder to all of us, especially if we find ourselves in close proximity to it.

My challenge to you when faced with difficult and confusing decisions and choices, ask yourself “does it draw me closer to or further away from God?”  If we answer honestly and trust in God’s love and guidance, He will make straight our paths.

Proverbs 3:6 “In all your ways be mindful of him, and he will make straight your paths.”