Excerpt from the Introduction:

“After all my years in ministry, the most lasting and fundamental change I’ve ever seen in a youth’s life has come about through their parents. If you want to know what a kid’s faith will look like when they grow up, look at their parents. The purpose of this book is to equip and inspire parents to grow in their own faith and then lead their children closer to the Lord.

This ebook is organized into three different sections. The first section is written towards fathers, to inspire them and give them tips to be stronger spiritual leaders of their families. The second section is written to mothers, speaking to the ways that they are spiritual anchors and strongholds for their families. The final section seeks to disclose the things that young people typically don’t actually ask for, but that they actually need from their parents in regards to their faith and to their lives.

We hope that Raising Saints is a down-to-earth, practical application that can be read and used by any and every parent who is looking to lead their children closer to Christ.”