Baggage We all carry our own baggage into ministry. Whether difficult things from our personal life or wounds we’ve picked up from failures in ministry or hurtful things people said, we all have them. How do we find healing from those things and continue to grow as a ministry leader? And how do we help […]

Your Job is Easier When…

Your Job is Easier when…   Chris and Matt share the three primary things that should be in place to make your job easier than ever before… and they may not be what you think. Tune in to make your life easier and grow your potential as a ministry leader. Never miss out on the […]

Where do Ministry Leaders come from?

Where do ministry leaders come from? Matt is back and talks with Chris about where ministry leaders come from. There are a lot of myths debunked in this episode. How does someone become a ministry leaders? What are the requirements? What are the attributes of an ideal ministry leader? You may have heard answers to […]

Teaching Vs Training

Teaching Vs Training A lot of ministry leaders are taught how to do ministry…but how many have been trained? Chris and Matt discuss whether teaching or training is more important. How can the two be combined? And how can we take these methods and apply them to how we minister? All these questions will be […]

Jesus for Mayor

Jesus for Mayor  Chris and Matt recently traveled together to Chattanooga, Tennessee and….Chris got highly involved with the local mayoral race?!?! (What!?!?) This leads to a discussion on the balance between being yourself in ministry and professionalism…and it’s a pretty funny story too so that’s a fun bonus! Enjoy! Make sure to catch up on MLA […]

Praising in the Storm

Download Here Praising in the Storm is a free Lenten devotional that helps create a space for daily prayer and reflection on the Psalm readings throughout Lent. The Psalms remind us that in the chaos, uncertainty, and strife, we can always look to the Lord and praise His name… even in the storms. Grab your free […]