Kick Off

Whether your kick off will take place in person or virtually, this year’s kick off will surely be one to remember. There are definitely things that should still be central in your kick off- prayer and community. In this video, Gwen shares how we can all make sure to keep these things central and how […]

Counseling with Kelsey Johnson

Counseling with Kelsey Johnson  Professional counselor Kelsey Johnson from Abide Counseling joins the show to discuss how ministry leaders can partner with counselors, addressing mental health with those they minister too and how to stay healthy in the midst of our current strange situation. Kelsey has a heart for ministry leaders as she was a […]

Are you Comfortable?

Are you Comfortable?   We’ve asked before if we get too comfortable as ministry leaders, but this quarantine we’ve found ourselves in has completely disrupted our normal schedules. What will we learn from this time? Will we go back to business as usual when we return or will be use this time to rethink how […]

Does God Have Grandchildren?

Does God Have Grandchildren? Boy this one is a doozy! Chris and Matt mostly argue about if God has grandchildren or not. And this all came from a conversation about butterflies(of course it did). Tune in for one of the most heated and hilarious shows in a while.  Make sure to catch up on MLA […]

Kevin Kapchinski is the man!

Kevin Kapchinski is the man!! Kevin Kapchinski joins the show to share his ministry leadership wisdom. The conversation ranges from wearing multiple hats, the real reason its crucial to empower others in ministry and how to captain a boat. Make sure to catch up on MLA Podcast’s latest content! Subscribe and listen to Ministry Leaders […]

Idiots or Idioms

Idiots or Idioms Taylor Schroll fills in with Chris for the first filmed podcast. Chris shares about a rugby team’s culture and the idioms they use to define them. Then they transition into idioms people in the Church use to describe the Church’s culture and decide whether they’re good, terrible or just too cheesy. Some […]

Becoming a Man of Prayer: Part 3

Thanks for joining us for Part 3 of our series for men. In Part 1, we talked about how the world we live in is hurting. Depression, alcoholism, pornography… the list goes on and it’s obvious to see there is an attack on men in this world. Last week in Part 2, we discussed how the […]