Breanna Luna

Hometown: Helotes, TX

Role at Ablaze: Impact Ambassador

Contact Info: [email protected]

Education: Baptist Health System School of Health Professions, Nursing, 2018

Ministry Background: High School youth ministry was the catalyst in igniting my personal faith in high school. Prior to entering high school, my family was in the midst of some very hard times, I decided to attend an ACTS retreat that summer and it truly changed my life. I came back and dove into numerous ministries throughout the next four years. I have continued to stay involved as a core member, volunteer, and chaperone for Life Teen, retreats, and camps ever since as a way to pour back out the way I was poured into all those years.

Passions and Interests: I love to cook and bake, pretty much everything but especially fresh bread. I enjoy learning new crafts, traveling, spending time outdoors, hanging out with my golden retriever, being in community, spending time with friends and family, game nights, and volunteering, I am an avid tea enthusiast (iced tea, hot teas, milk teas, all of it!), and fostering the beautiful friendships that the Lord has blessed me with.

How did you become involved with Ablaze/why are you involved? After losing someone very close to me I asked for their intercession in leading me to new opportunities, and within minutes I received a text from a friend that made the connection for this; it definitely felt divinely led. I’m excited to work in ministry in this new way and develop skills to help this ministry continue to work in the name of Christ.