Common Language

Common Language Oftentimes important messages are miscommunicated because everyone is using different terms for things or have different understandings of terms. This can happen a lot in ministry with our […]


Nostalgia Nostalgia is a powerful thing. From our favorite childhood memories to our first breakup, these memories are powerful and we can still be brought instantly back to those feelings […]

Proofs & Atheism

Proofs and Atheism Robert Mixa from Word on Fire joins the shows to discussion atheism and how to work with people who have doubts or are combative towards faith. This […]


Equipt We always hear that we should be constantly growing and improving as ministry leaders, but with the large list of to-dos and demands on our time for ministry, it […]

Dream Leader with Tim Dumas

Dream Leader with Tim Dumas Leadership guru Tim Dumas joins the show to share his expertise on leadership. He shares his 20 year journey of finding out what leadership really […]

What Keeps People in Ministry Part 2

What Keeps People in Ministry Part 2 Crystal Marchand from ProjectYM joins the show to continue last week’s discussion on what keeps people in ministry. She brings her expertise from […]

What Keeps People in Ministry

What Keeps People in Ministry Matt and Chris ask the age old question of what sustains people in ministry for the long haul. We have an epidemic of tremendous people […]

Covid Still Sucks

Covid Still Sucks Some places are opening up. Some aren’t. Some people want in person ministry. Some don’t. Matt and Chris discuss the “light at the end of the tunnel” […]

Abuse of Self w/ Chase Crouse

Abuse of Self w/ith Chase Crouse Chase Crouse rejoins the show with Chris to tackle the topic of how often ministry leaders abuse themselves physically, mentally and spiritually by overworking […]