Celina Pinedo

Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado

Role at Ablaze: High School Campus Minister, Bishop Louis Reicher, Waco, TX 

Contact Info: celina@ablaze.us

Education: Benedictine College, B.A. in Evangelization & Catechesis, Theology – 2014

Ministry Background:

Just before my sophomore year of high school, the Lord revealed His abundant love in a powerful way to me. From there, I knew each day of my life I wanted to serve Him. He’s invited me to numerous adventures since then! Each one has been unique and a beautiful opportunity for growth in trust and love. From retreat ministries, to teaching Theology in a Catholic High School, to parish youth ministry, the Lord has led each step of the way. I’m excited to see the ways He works through me in this next step in ministry with Ablaze!

Passions and Interests: I love spending time with family and friends, especially if playing board games or sitting around a campfire! I enjoy baking, quilting, and photography. Adventures with my dog are always fun, whether exploring a new park or heading on a hike. If you want to get me off on a tangent, ask me about the sacraments or saints!

How did you become involved with Ablaze/why are you involved? In my time in parish ministry, I came across ProjectYM. When attending the first ever Thriveanooga, I met Ablaze missionaries and learned more about their mission. The rounded approach to ministry and support of missionaries really impressed me! In seeking out where the Lord was leading, I felt Him inviting me to take a leap of faith and serve the youth of His Church with Ablaze.

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