You know, I really wish I could just go troll Instagram or Facebook without the lustful temptations that seem to be hiding around every other click. In the overly sexualized world that we live in, the idea of our sexuality is being seen less as a gift and more as a right. Unfortunately all this does is drive our world deeper into the pit of lust and promiscuity.

As men we have the power to straighten the path in which we are heading down. The only question is, are you willing?

Guys, we are blessed with the opportunity to be surrounded with the beauty of our sisters in Christ, but we continually abuse their presence in our life.

When God created Eve he took a rib from Adam’s side in order to give her life. Woman came from man’s side to be equal, under his arm to be protected, and by his heart to be loved. Men, we must lead our society back into a state where women are viewed not in lust, but in love. It is us who have lead our world to the place that it is in, and it is time for us to clean up the mess.

We have turned our world into a place where women feel that they must impress men through their eyes instead of through their hearts. What does that say about us? What it tells me is that it is time for us to begin painting a new image for what a man looks like, especially towards women.

In order to do this we must begin seeing women not as objects or for their physique, but for their hearts. We must recognize their beauty and their roll as a daughter to our Creator. We must start with our desires and the fact that these desires are natural and they serve a purpose. Our sexuality is a gift given by our Father. It is meant to glorify our God and to bring life to his kingdom.

Surrender yourself.

When we begin recognizing our attractions instead of pursuing them we can begin to make a change. We have created this culture by taking our desires and basking in them, turning them into fantasies. This is the root of our problem, and in order to seek any change it must be done at the root of the problem.

This change is made through a more intimate pursuit of our Lord. In reality without the presence of our God in this fight we won’t see any progress. Through a commitment to prayer and brotherhood we can be the change. Accountability is essential. We can’t do it alone. We are all fighting the same battles. Why fight them alone? What lies at the foundation of brotherhood, a relationship that can lead you closer to our God, is honesty and prayer. Seek out a brother. Seek someone who is willing to fight, and immerse that relationship in prayer.

Like in any area of growth, be patient. Don’t seek change; seek God.  If you commit yourself to Him he will be able to better guide your heart. Surrender yourself.