Jon Conner

Hometown: Liberty Township, Ohio

Role at Ablaze: Summer Missionary

Contact Info: [email protected] & (513)-857-8612

Education: Benedictine College; Majors: Philosophy and Marketing; Minor: Theology

Ministry Background: I was raised in a strong Catholic family and after encountering Christ through healing ministry teams and retreats my faith really started to become my own. Since then, serving in ministry and on mission has been important to me. I have had the opportunity to serve in various ways throughout high school and college including serving on retreat team leadership teams, running my high school youth group for a summer, serving on prayer teams,
being a leader within high school and college ministry, and being a summer missionary at Catholic summer camps for two years. Through these various times of service, I have been able to truly live out Christ’s call to evangelization and have been blessed to be a part of showing Christ’s love to the youth of the Church. I have also loved having the opportunity to help lead others in the service of the Lord during the Liturgy and helped see people grow closer to God through these experiences.

Passions and Interests:

I love being active, especially through playing sports, and volleyball is my favorite sport that I will play anytime! I also enjoy running, hiking, basketball, and ultimate frisbee. When I can be active, I love playing board games, reading, and watching movies. I also love having theological or philosophical conversations and getting to help answer other’s questions and lead them towards the truth.

How did you become involved with Ablaze/why are you involved?

I first encountered Ablaze through one of their leaders and in our conversation, I truly saw their heart for transforming and guiding the youth towards an authentic encounter and relationship with Christ. This is a call that I have felt on my heart because I know how much we are able to grow whenever we have people who believe in us and truly long to see us grow into the men and women that Christ is calling us to be. There are many examples of great role
models who have poured into me and changed my life, and now I feel that God is calling me to give back to this younger generation in the same way as I experienced. I know that God wants to work wonders in all of our lives, and I am excited to be a small piece in His plan for the lives of those that we serve.

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