Ministry Leaders Anonymous is a podcast produced by Ablaze Ministries hosted by Matt Rice & Chris Bartlett. Matt & Chris have over 34 years experience working & leading in ministry. They want to take the experience & skills they have developed over decades of ministry and offer them to fellow ministry leaders everywhere. 

The work of ministry leaders, whether it is a youth minister, a director of religious education, a volunteer coordinator, or an unpaid retreat director, is a powerful and sometimes lonely mission. Ministry Leaders Anonymous is here to remind you that you are not alone as well as providing a moment of sanity during a busy week of ministry.

Matt & Chris have just about seen it all and they are ready to dive into & bring to light to the hurts, hopes, & hungers of all ministry leaders. Ministry Leaders Anonymous features topics important to maintaining physical, spiritual, & mental health. They discuss habits & proven successes for all kinds of ministries, as well as inviting insightful guests who bring their expertise and insight into important discussions.

Ultimately, Ministry Leaders Anonymous is a place for all ministry leaders to find laughter, support, & community. Join us every Thursday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or your favorite podcast platform.

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First Year in Ministry

First Year in Ministry The first year of ministry is quite often a whirlwind. Whether you find yourself in your first year or are supervising/working

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Collaboration So often, we get focused in so much on our own ministry that we all put ourselves in silos. Michael Marchand from Project YM

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Make Ministry Fun Again

Make Ministry Fun Again Taylor Schroll threw a coup, overtook Chris with brute strength and mettle and took over co-hosting duties this week. He and

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Dealing with Desolation

Dealing with Desolation All ministry leaders deal with difficult times in ministry. Whether personal struggles, the work of ministry being difficult due to a large

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