Refilling Your Cup in Busy Times


Summer can be (and most of the time, is) a busy time for youth ministers. Between camps, mission trips and conferences, it’s easy to finish the summer more exhausted than you began.  It is vital to take care of yourself, allow the Lord pour into you, and take some time to rejuvenate. Whether you only have a few minutes, or you can take a few days, here are some ways to experience rejuvenation in body, mind, and soul.


  • Take a Vacation – even if it’s just a staycation at a local hotel
  • Media Fast – one evening a week, fast from all media
  • Get a Massage – use that time of relaxation in prayer and gratitude
  • Drink More Water – help yourself to literally flush the bad (toxins) from your body
  • Experience Nature – enjoy creation during your lunch break, an afternoon, or a weekend


  • Read a Joyful Book – maybe this means fiction, C.S. Lewis, or theology
  • Create Art – paint, draw, or make something with clay
  • Use Your Imagination – cloud gaze or star watch and let your imagination flow
  • Join a Friend – spend time with someone who fills you and brings you joy
  • Complete a Challenge – physical (exercise), mental (puzzles/games or tricks), or scientific (think mentos & cola)


  • Silence – find some silence each day, even if this means sitting in your car for a few minutes before going into work/home
  • Personal Retreat (even on the go) – need a great retreat on the go? Watch or listen to Fr. Dave Pivonka’s “The Wild Goose” series to encounter the Holy Spirit in a more intimate way
  • Invite the Spirit – spend 5 minutes a day intentionally inviting in the Holy Spirit
    Pro tip: Can’t get 5 minutes of silence? Lock yourself in the bathroom.
  • Be Guided in Prayer – read and pray through a short (1-2 page) chapter a day of a spiritual book such a “Time for God” by Fr. Jacques Philippe
  • Spiritual Journal – spend a few minutes each day writing the movements of your heart


  • Meet with a Spiritual Director – if you don’t have a spiritual director, make it a goal to get one before you start the fall semester. It’s vital you have someone pouring into you.
  • Get a Coach – want to take your leadership and ministry to the next level or need some pro-guidance? Contact Gwen Bartlett about opportunities to receive personal coaching or training for your volunteers from the Next Level Ministry team members.

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