A few weeks ago, after a ministry event for our youth, some friends and I were standing outside talking about how it went. We stood there complaining about all of the things that went wrong and how annoying phones can be when the youth are on them, among many other things. Standing there, I could feel the tension and anxiety growing. I stopped the conversation and told everyone to say one thing that went right that night. As they began saying those things, the anxiety seemed to go away.

When I went to work the next day, I realized that a lot of the conversation that happens among us is complaining about things that went wrong, and I am one of the worst. So I decided to do something about it. I started focusing on at least one good thing that happened at my youth nights and in my daily life.

We need to remember the beauty in ministry. We must remember the good that God is doing. For this post, I decided that I wouldn’t be the sole writer, and that I would ask my coworkers about the things going well in their ministries.


What is one thing you absolutely love about your job?

“I love getting to watch the youth encounter Christ and grow in relationship with Christ, because that pushes me to encounter Christ deeper and grow in deeper relationship with Him.” – Sam Shepard

“When it comes to working at Ablaze Ministries, I love the community aspect that we have. In my own ministry, I love God’s providence in being a youth minister… When I worry about whether or not there will be enough people or enough food, God never fails to show me how much He loves me by having an abundance of whatever I need.” – Lydia Piskor

“At Ablaze, I absolutely love my coworkers. In our ministry, I love working with the kids and watching them grow in their faith. I also love planning events and games for them.” – McKenzie Neu

“One thing I love about working at Ablaze is being in a community of faith-filled people and the ability to share my faith with others. In being a youth minister, I love being able to share my faith with the future of the Church. That’s what we’re doing, after all.” – Jake Blaszak

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What is one thing that has stuck to you from your ministry?

“We have an extra high school night for those who can’t make it on Sundays, and literally only one girl comes. This one time, we were talking to her about the Fall and how we need to be redeemed. She looked at me like she had no idea what I was talking about, so I asked her if she had ever heard the story before. When she told me she had not, I walked her through the redemption story. I asked her some questions and she said it would seem like God would have to come and save us Himself. I told her that she was right and asked if she knew who God embodied while here on earth. She told me no, and I said it was Jesus. That moment. The look in her eyes. Something clicked. She had never heard it before, but we got to help make it happen.

“And that’s what all of the youth are doing. They’re looking for Truth, looking for goodness, and their running into a world that can’t satisfy. But this is why we do this. If one person grows closer to Christ, if one person hears His Name for the first time, if one person feels His love, then my job is worth it.” – Sam Shepard

“The first thing that comes to mind is the first talk I ever gave. It was at the end of the spring semester, and it was essentially the Kerygma. After my talk, we had a prayer reflection and the youth moved. I physically saw their hearts being changed. The best part was realizing that I was watching the fruits of the previous minister grow in these kids. They wanted Jesus; you could just see it.” – Lydia Piskor

“My favorite thing is going to Encounter and praying for other people. It takes a lot of courage to come forward, and I get to see their joy as they leave, knowing that at least a little peace grew in their hearts.” – McKenzie Neu

“I was in my 6th grade small group, and had the opportunity to talk to an individual in the group. I looked at him at explained that all of the things that Jesus did, He did for him. He was completely blown away, and I know something changed in him that day.” – Jake Blaszak

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I challenge you; as you continue in your ministry, don’t get stuck in a constant circle of complaining and frustration. Rejoice in the things the Lord is doing through you! Each day, be thankful for at least one thing you saw in the last week involving your ministry. Write it down, take it to prayer, and never forget it.