An alternate title for this post could easily be non-micro-management, but “get out of the way” just sounds better. As the founder and president of Ablaze Ministries this is one of the hardest things to do. On one hand, it’s my job to make sure we keep to our standards of high quality ministry, while on the other hand I need to trust that the staff I’ve hired can and will do what they’ve been hired to do. On top of all of this includes my intense passion for youth formation. So, all combined, we’ve set up a great atmosphere for micro-management by me, Matt.
The way that we have designed our work structure allows for teams of missionaries to coordinate and lead youth ministry at various parishes. To oversee everything, Ablaze Ministries provides a Director of Youth Ministry. This mentor could be compared to a typical full-time parish youth minister who happens to have a degree in Theology and also several years of experience in youth formation. The Director of Youth Ministry coordinates team leaders to ensure that their program content and quality are kept up to our high standards. It is also this person’s job to get out of the way!

[tweetthis]Ministry is as much prep as it is getting out of the way and letting God work[/tweetthis]
Ministry is almost as much preparation and planning as it is getting out of the way and letting God work. This will be hard for our future Directors of Youth Ministry, including myself. Part of this mentoring process includes attending the events within each ministry on a regular basis. We listen to their talk, watch them interact with their volunteers and the youth, and observe how they manage a schedule and run a youth night all while remaining composed throughout any unexpected chaos. Then we’re able to go over the youth night with them later in the week, to process where they are growing and discuss the areas that still need work.


It’s not my ministry;
it’s His


The other night I had a very obvious experience of getting in the way as I was visiting one of our ministries. It’s a middle school program and as such we typically begin with an active game relevant to the night’s topic. As our youth minister was describing the rules and organizing the game, I thought to myself “Hey! I know a better way to do this.” I immediately started trying to take over.
The instant my instructions left my mouth, I knew I should have just kept it closed. It is this type of micro-management that I’m trying to avoid. I need to learn how to get out of the way of what God is trying to do in the lives of the youth, the volunteers, and the youth minister. I have to allow growth, progress, and His plan to take shape. It’s not my ministry, but His.


Have you ever found yourself trying to take over a job that you didn’t REALLY need to take over? Ever struggled with handing over the reins? Let’s pray for an increase in trust in God’s divine plan.

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