Youth matter, and engaged youth transform parishes. Ablaze ministries exists to help you set the hearts of your youth ablaze. We do this through a simple three-tier approach. Find out how we can help your parish or ministry today. 


Ablaze Youth forms passionate missionaries to carry out dynamic, engaging, and transformational youth ministry in parishes. We work in a team setting, focusing excellence in ministry. We run youth nights, empower volunteers, lead small groups, run retreats and prayer nights, all for the sake of helping young people grow as disciples of Jesus in His Church.


Beyond the Pew is an online resource and community for parents that want to give their kids a love for Jesus while growing in the faith themselves. We weren’t meant to do this crazy job on our own; God meant for us to be in community and rely on each other! We hope you find the tools and resources you need here to grow deeper in faith and love of Jesus, and to cultivate that same love of Christ in your kids. Sainthood starts at home, so lets make some saints!


Next Level Ministry exists to foster excellence in ministry leadership. We have over 40 years of combined ministry experience, five Master’s Degrees in Theology, and countless moments where we’ve inspired ministry leaders to be more effective, dynamic and committed disciple makers.

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"One loving heart sets another on fire." - St. Augustine