Preparing for Gaudete Sunday

I was at a conference this past weekend and I was at a session on anxiety and depression. In the middle of the session, the presenter went off on a tangent and talked about what our youth need during this time where we feel broken and in despair, where we give in to anxiety and […]

Welcome to Advent

Hi, welcome back to Beyond the Pew and welcome to Advent! This is one of my favorite seasons in the Church year. It’s a time of hope, a time of waiting, and a time of expecting the Lord to come. So we’re celebrating the Lord coming as a baby. We’re celebrating the Lord coming in […]

In the Spirit of Advent

Every year during Advent, the Johnson clan leads a church-wide food drive.  We ask our church community to draw a family from our sister parish in downtown Houston and pray for them, give them boxes of food, and maybe get them a present or two.  Then two Uhauls get filled up with boxes and we […]