School Year Stress

school year stress

Now that school has begun another year, it’s time to talk about the stress that enters your students’ lives. School is stressful. But we can help them manage it by building support and fostering life skills that will help them into adulthood. Welcome back to Beyond the Pew. In this video, in our back to […]

What Do You Do If Your Child Stops Going to Church


Welcome back to Beyond the Pew. Today I’m going to talk about what do we do as parents when our kids have lost interest in the faith. And one of the things that is the most powerful in my life has been something that I kind of actually started in response to this for families […]

Preparing for Gaudete Sunday

I was at a conference this past weekend and I was at a session on anxiety and depression. In the middle of the session, the presenter went off on a tangent and talked about what our youth need during this time where we feel broken and in despair, where we give in to anxiety and […]