Who Are Your Child’s Friends?

Who your children spend time with matter! In this video, Matt Rice talks about why it’s important that your sons & daughters learn how to be a good friend by following your example and how you guide them to choosing friends good for them. Welcome back to Beyond the Pew. My name is Matt Rice, […]

Life in the Eucharist

Sacraments as a Family Welcome to Beyond the Pew. In this new series, we’re going to be diving into the ways we can journey through the sacraments together as a family. We are so blessed to have these seven sacraments. The sacraments are the ways in which the power of the Cross is made present in our lives. Jesus died so that we […]

Blessing Your Family

Welcome back to Beyond the Pew! We hope your new year is going well and that your New Year’s resolutions are still in existence, and that you are able to grow in prayer as a family during this month of January! This is our prayer for you here at Ablaze Ministries.

Teaching Our Kids Gratitude

If I were to ask you what Jesus’ most famous miracle was during His public ministry, what would you say? The answer is the feeding of the 5,000. Objectively, it’s the most famous because it’s in all four Gospels. It’s read every year during the mass. It has a lot to do with gratitude and the way […]

Praying with Your Kids

Welcome back to Beyond the Pew. In this video, Matt shares with us different ways to begin and continue to pray with your kids. Welcome to Beyond the Pew, my name is Matt Rice and parents, I’m here to talk to you about praying with your kids. I hope you’ve had a chance to listen to […]