Setting Goals for Your Family This Year

Hello and welcome to Beyond the Pew. August is here and school is officially in session. I remember back when I was starting school, that I was always filled with a little bit of dread when school is about to start but also a little bit of excitement. Dread because oh no we have to […]

Teaching Our Kids Gratitude

If I were to ask you what Jesus’ most famous miracle was during His public ministry, what would you say? The answer is the feeding of the 5,000. Objectively, it’s the most famous because it’s in all four Gospels. It’s read every year during the mass. It has a lot to do with gratitude and the way […]

So, Jesus Was a “Nice Guy”?

We’re kicking off our series on Jesus with Jennifer’s video about the person of Jesus. Was Jesus a people pleaser? Was He passive? Or did He surprise people by stepping out and going against the crowd? This week we will enter into this topic and reflect upon our own actions in comparison to Jesus. 

Trust Issues

We all know the story: boy meets girl, they fall in love, but girl is too scared to give her heart away. I’m not just talking about any ordinary couple though; I’m talking about the Creator of the universe and us.


I’m sure it’s a story that we’ve all heard.  The hare is known for bragging about his lightning speed.  The hare then challenges the tortoise to a race, and after getting ahead by a large margin the hare decides to take a quick nap.  The hare obviously forget to set an alarm and sleeps long […]