7 Steps to Empower Your Team to Give Great Talks

Part of our job in ministry is to equip others to evangelize. One of the ways we can help our volunteers do that is to have them give talks at our youth nights or on our retreats. You have the potential to empower and equip your volunteers to give great talks. This will help them become […]

How to Plant an Invisible Garden

That’s the thing with middle school youth ministry: we are not the ones watching the fruit grow. We are merely planting seeds, or sometimes just tilling the soil to help make a place where something might grow someday. And honestly, it’s not even us doing the work. We’re just lucky enough that the Holy Spirit is choosing to use our feeble hands to further the Kingdom of God here on Earth. God has the power and ability to use every game we play, every word we speak, every time of small group, every smile, every interaction, every meal, and every prayer said to move the hearts of these kids, and move my heart as well.

4 Strategies to Confidence in Ministry

Busted! My wife and I have caught our children doing something wrong on multiple occasions. Getting them to fess up to it follows a similar pattern. “Did you break the dish?” “No.” “Sweetheart, I want you to tell the truth, did you break the dish?” You can see the inner struggle growing on their face […]

5 Simple Steps to Create Engaging Talks

You’ve worked on your talk for weeks in prayer and preparation.  You’re excited to deliver the Truth of Christ to the youth.  Then, as you’re passionately speaking, you look out to see a room filled with glazed over eyes. They have completely checked out. We’ve all been there. Here’s 5 ways to keep your audience […]

5 Hacks to Keep Teens Attention

We’ve all been there.  You’re in the midst of giving an amazing teaching, profound talk, or sharing the depths of your soul when you look out and see it – the teens eyes are glazed over and they’re not hearing a single word.  Their minds are thinking four times faster than you can speak, but […]

Writing Great Discussion Questions

Small groups have become a staple in ministry today. They create community, foster identity and build trust that leads to openness to Jesus Christ. Small groups can be a primary vehicle for people to share their faith, question their faith and encounter a community who loves them and journeys with them. Below are some tips […]

5 Dangerous Don’ts of a Parent Meeting

Parent meetings may find themselves on top of your ‘necessary evils’ in ministry list. However, these meetings are your biggest opportunity and one of your most important ministry events. You can inspire, empower, enliven and equip parents at these gatherings. You can win their hearts over for Jesus and lead them to champion their primary […]