Keeping the Faith on Vacation

Welcome back to Beyond the Pew. In this video, we’re going to be talking about ways we can take Jesus and make him a part of our family trips and our summer vacations, and there’s a lot of fun ways that we can do that.

Summer Free Time

Welcome back to Beyond the Pew. Today I’m going to talk to you guys about what to do with all the free time that our kids have over the summer. So we’re coming into summer time and your kids are about to have an extra eight hours a day to do something. And if your […]

Summer Priorities

Hello and welcome to Beyond the Pew. Today we’re beginning a conversation on how to live out our faith during the summer time. So many of us see the summer time as a time where we can get away, as taking a break from life, and certainly summer time can be that. But sometimes we […]

Blessing Your Family

Welcome back to Beyond the Pew! We hope your new year is going well and that your New Year’s resolutions are still in existence, and that you are able to grow in prayer as a family during this month of January! This is our prayer for you here at Ablaze Ministries.

Praying While Traveling

Howdy and welcome back to Beyond the Pew! Last week, Jennifer started us off in 2017 talking about the importance of praying before meals. Today, I want to check in on your  New Year’s Resolutions to see how they’re going! You and I both know that this is about the time gyms go from being […]