Spiritual Advisory

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Do you take precautions and protect yourself and your ministry spiritually? Gwen talks about the importance of always looking forward and remembering the battle is already won.

Share the Vision

Ask any minister and they’ll tell you, “we could never do what we do without our volunteers.” Events, giving talks, leading small groups, being in dramas or skits on retreats… I mean, there’s no way that one minister could dress up as the entire cast from the Hunger Games all by themselves. Volunteers really are […]

Tell Them A Jesus Kind of Truth

Sometimes, I think we make ministry way more complicated than it needs to be. We agonize over curriculum, content, and delivery, and while these things are important, they should not be our focus. When they are, I think we miss out on the simplicity of what God is actually asking us to do as ministers. […]

Comfortable Yet?

Usually when we have growth in our spiritual life, certain parts of ministry get easier.  Things that used to make us anxious become second nature. We work faster on things that used to take forever. What used to worry us is no longer a concern. This kind of comfort in ministry isn’t a bad thing; it’s just […]

Go From Overwhelmed to Peaceful in 3 (Not So Easy) Steps

My husband and I went to the store the other day and noticed the aisles of school supplies, lunch boxes and backpacks, and Christmas stuff that is making its way to the various departments. Already? What happened to summer? August is right around the corner and is typically filled with not only school preparations, but […]

You can’t Form Disciples without Community

Humanity, people, you…Every single person comes from community and is drawn to community. The Trinity, a community of 3 persons, one God, breathed us into existence. Biologically it takes a community of a man and a woman to create a child. Sociologically, community is essential in order for the person to develop and thrive.

Big Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Today

 I was able to enjoy the movie Creed, a story from the Rocky series in which Rocky Balboa coaches Apollo Creed’s son against tremendous odds. The last scene features Rocky and Adonis Creed climbing the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum. As they admire the view, Rocky says, ‘You know if you look hard enough, […]


How many times do we find ourselves facing struggles, obstacles, hardships and difficulties in our homes, workplaces and ministries? They’re everywhere. We’re human, there is sin, evil and discord. However, there is also purpose, mission, goodness and victory which is desperately waiting to be unveiled in our broken world. One of our purposes here on […]

Mercy Will Destroy You

Pope Francis declared a Year of Mercy for the Catholic Church. It began on December 8th, 2015 the feast of the Immaculate Conception and will end on November 20th, 2016 the feast of Christ the King. It is a time of forgiveness of sins, and extraordinary graces surrounding God’s mercy. This is an amazing time […]

Striving for the Best Solution

My microwave was broken. Everything worked except it didn’t heat the food anymore. A quick search narrowed it down to 2 problem areas, one of which was called the ‘magnatron’ which sounds like a villain in the generic version of the Transformers. The parts would cost near the price of a new microwave. In a […]