So parents, this week we’re going to talk about holiness and our call to holiness as baptized Christians. And during this Advent season it’s the perfect time to investigate what we are doing in our lives. What our relationship with Jesus looks like and how we can better ourselves on that path to holiness.

One thing I want to discuss is this is not a call to perfection. There were two perfect people in the whole history of humanity and let me break the news: you are not one of them! We are not going to be perfect. Our children, better than anyone else in this world, know that we are not perfect. We need to drop the disguise or mask where we think we need to be perfect in front of our kids.

That’s not what holiness is. Holiness is a destination. Where are we going? We are wanting to go to Heaven and oriented towards Heaven. We have a relationship with Jesus. That is how we develop and dive into our personal call to holiness. Having that orientation for Heaven and helping our kids orient themselves towards Heaven, have that relationship with Jesus, and allow Him to transform our lives. Take to Him brokenness. Take to Him our anger.

When we are mad at our kids or mad at our spouse, take this to Jesus and say, “Hey, I might not have behaved in the right way. What should I do?” That is how we become more holy. The best example we can be for our kids is how to show them how to seek forgiveness and say, “I’m sorry.” Actually say those words. Go to your child when you’ve done something wrong and say, “I’m sorry for what I did. I shouldn’t have behaved like I did. Your mom and dad, we’re not perfect. I want to be more like Christ and I’m striving for that. I want you to strive for that as well. How can I help you do that?”

This is a small way you can orient yourself and orient your kids towards holiness. And what a great time during this Advent season to strive for holiness, to make a new commitment for holiness in this new year and new calendar year. My hope for you and for your family is you all decide on the destination of Heaven and that you all strive together in holiness towards that destination. God bless!