What Do You Do If Your Child Stops Going to Church


Welcome back to Beyond the Pew. Today I’m going to talk about what do we do as parents when our kids have lost interest in the faith. And one of the things that is the most powerful in my life has been something that I kind of actually started in response to this for families […]

Sibling Relationships

Welcome back to Beyond the Pew. In this final talk on relationships we are going to dive into sibling relationships and how to make sure that our homes remain places of love. Our families are supposed to be schools of love or the domestic church. I don’t know about you but I know there were […]

Called to Holiness

So parents, this week we’re going to talk about holiness and our call to holiness as baptized Christians. And during this Advent season it’s the perfect time to investigate what we are doing in our lives. What our relationship with Jesus looks like and how we can better ourselves on that path to holiness.

So, Jesus Was a “Nice Guy”?

We’re kicking off our series on Jesus with Jennifer’s video about the person of Jesus. Was Jesus a people pleaser? Was He passive? Or did He surprise people by stepping out and going against the crowd? This week we will enter into this topic and reflect upon our own actions in comparison to Jesus.