Working Remotely

Working Remotely Matt and Chris recently read “Remote: Office Not Required” by David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried. They discuss how working remotely can be beneficial for both ministry leaders and parishes. They discuss the pros of working remotely as well as some of the cons and how to lessen their effects.   All work […]

The Meh Commission

The Meh Commission We as Church have been given the Great Commission to go and make disciples of all nations, yet too often we settle for the “meh” commission. Chris shares how to move from “meh” to mission and Matt goes on a lot of tangents. Happy Thanksgiving from the MLA team!   Make sure […]

The Genius of Female Leaders

The Genius of Female Leaders Chris sits down with his wife to discuss how awesome she is 🙂 They chat about the great qualities, insights and traits that female ministry leaders bring to the table. Kendra shares her experience of working alongside Chris in youth ministry and starting her own women’s ministry. Make sure to […]

Drawn In

Drawn In This week, Chris and Matt discuss the pros and cons of using marketing techniques to draw people into our ministries. Should we use them? If so, what do we need to avoid? Make sure to catch up on MLA Podcast’s latest content!  Subscribe and listen to Ministry Leaders Anonymous every Thursday! Apple Podcasts: […]

I’m Uncomfortable

I’m Uncomfortable This week, Matt and Chris talk about how growth in ministry takes stepping out and doing something out of our comfort zone. They discuss some of the risks they have taken, how they’ve worked and what they’ve learned when it hasn’t worked out. “In order to encounter the Comforter, we have to be […]

Live from the Dallas Ministry Conference

Live from the Dallas Ministry Conference Matt and Chris recorded in front of a live audience during one of their breakout sessions at the conference. They answer questions from the audience on how to handle some of the most difficult situations in ministry. Make sure to catch up on MLA Podcast’s latest content!  Subscribe and […]

Volunteer Retention

Volunteer Retention Last week, the guys talked about how to great recruit volunteers. This week focuses on how not to lose them. Matt and Chris share their years of expertise, both wins and failures, to guide you in practical ways you can make your volunteers feel welcome, encouraged and part of something great. Make sure […]


The Quickly Growing Ablaze Ministries Announces Major Rebranding Ablaze Ministries, a missionary team of youth ministry leaders, is announcing major rebranding to reflect the ever growing mission of rethinking how youth ministry is done in today’s Church. This rebrand aims to unite the three branches of Ablaze Ministries: Ablaze Youth, Next Level Ministry & Beyond […]


Overcommitment Matt is overcommitted and Chris wants to help him and all other ministry leaders who find themselves in times where they feel like they are “drowning” in the midst of everything going on. The guys talk about ways to avoid becoming overcommitted, how to deal with those seasons and how to keep our eyes […]

Navigating Frustrating Church Policies

Navigating Frustrating Church Policies We’ve all been there…It can so often feel like policies are set in place to appease lawyers and not conducive to the type of ministry Jesus did and calls us to do. But instead of finding ways around the policies, how can we advocate for good policies that both protect everyone […]