Volunteer Retention

Volunteer Retention Last week, the guys talked about how to great recruit volunteers. This week focuses on how not to lose them. Matt and Chris share their years of expertise, both wins and failures, to guide you in practical ways you can make your volunteers feel welcome, encouraged and part of something great. Make sure […]


The Quickly Growing Ablaze Ministries Announces Major Rebranding Ablaze Ministries, a missionary team of youth ministry leaders, is announcing major rebranding to reflect the ever growing mission of rethinking how youth ministry is done in today’s Church. This rebrand aims to unite the three branches of Ablaze Ministries: Ablaze Youth, Next Level Ministry & Beyond […]


Overcommitment Matt is overcommitted and Chris wants to help him and all other ministry leaders who find themselves in times where they feel like they are “drowning” in the midst of everything going on. The guys talk about ways to avoid becoming overcommitted, how to deal with those seasons and how to keep our eyes […]

Navigating Frustrating Church Policies

Navigating Frustrating Church Policies We’ve all been there…It can so often feel like policies are set in place to appease lawyers and not conducive to the type of ministry Jesus did and calls us to do. But instead of finding ways around the policies, how can we advocate for good policies that both protect everyone […]

The Wife of a Ministry Leader

The Wife of a Ministry Leader Matt’s wife, Weslei, joins the show the week to share the perspective of the a ministry leader’s spouse. She tells her side of the story of her journey alongside Matt as he was called into ministry and what they have learned together since. She shares thoughtful reflections and advice […]

Remember Your Why

Remember Your Why Matt and Chris share the stories of why they got into ministry, how that “why” has changed over the years and how recalling our “why” can greatly assist our ministry. Make sure to catch up on MLA Podcast’s latest content!  Subscribe and listen to Ministry Leaders Anonymous every Thursday! Apple Podcasts: apple.co/2vr26j5 Google […]

But Mom I Want It!

This morning was a rare victory: I got my two-year-old to agree to let me do her hair. We decided she would wear pigtails. She sat still as I brushed it.Another miracle.Then, in my attempt to give her “buy-in”, I let her pick the color of her hair ties. Yellow. A winner. As I brushed […]