Innovate and Ignite Passion

Innovate and Ignite Passion When quarantine wrecked our ministry plans, we all shifted how we were doing ministry as quickly as possible. Now that things are starting to slow down, have we taken time to assess how our ministry has been doing and how we can innovate? This week, Chris and Matt discuss re-evaluating our […]

Youth Ministry Network

Those who do not work in youth ministry may think that most days are just as fun as youth nights but it won’t take long to find that the truth is, it can be lonely at times. Gwen Bartlett opens up about the personal challenges of being in ministry and how simple-yet crucial- having a […]

Partnering with your Diocese

 Maybe you don’t have a close relationship with your diocese or maybe you have your bishop on speed dial. Chris Bartlett is here to share a few concrete ways you can strengthen your partnership with your diocese and remind yourself that they want to see you succeed in bringing youth to Christ. Which of these […]

Conversation about Racism

Conversation about Racism It has been a rough time in our country. Chris and Matt share openly and honestly in this episode how they are approaching the problem of racism and how we as ministry leaders can and should respond to this issue. Make sure to catch up on MLA Podcast’s latest content! Subscribe and […]

Finding a Mentor

  No matter where you are in your career, there always comes a time when you could use a sounding board or just the advice of someone who has been in your position before. Gwen Bartlett shares in this video how you can seek out this person and how a mentor can make a difference in […]

The Big Domino

The Big Domino   Ever had a conversation with someone and you couldn’t seem to get your point across? You’re trying to come to an agreement but just keep talking in circles? Of course you have! Matt and Chris talk about figuring out what the “big domino” is so we can have more productive conversations […]

Asking for Help

  When you’re passionate about what you are doing and something goes wrong, we have the tendency to take on the blame which can quickly lead to feeling discouraged. Kara Kardell from the Diocese of Sioux City, shares with us that in ministry there will surely be trials, but there is also beautiful community. When […]

Pagan Christian Disciple

Pagan Christian Disciple Matt and Chris discuss picking their noses for the sake of the podcast! Then they work through the transformation of becoming a Christian and how being a Christian does not mean you are a disciple. Chris notes how many people find themselves back-tracking from Christian to pagan, listen in to hear what he […]