Deep Work

Deep Work Ministry leaders are always inundated with things to do, emails to respond to and meetings to attend. We can feel overwhelmed with everything we have to do and those seem to be the days more and more distractions come our way. This week, Matt and Chris share about the concept of Deep Work […]

Evangelization Dilemma

Let’s face it. We are losing. More people are leaving the church than entering it in the U.S. of A. Then when you look at those who are staying, most are mildly engaged at best. The crisis of faith that exists in our country today is also a crisis of engagement. Practice of faith is […]

Transforming Parish Culture

Transforming Parish Culture The broad prospect of church renewal can be overwhelming, but allowing vulnerable, God driven change will always be more fruitful than going through the “right” motions. This week on the MLA podcast Tim Glemkowski, founder of L’alto Catholic Institute, talks with Matt and Chris about true shifts in parish culture and all […]

You Made It Personal

You Made It Personal Chris is joined by Taylor on the podcast this week to talk about a basketball game gone wrong, vulnerability hangovers, and how unexpected moments can teach us how God made us to minister. Taylor shares how beautiful it is to allow others to truly know you for all your qualities-both good […]

Recruiting Volunteers

Recruiting Volunteers (Note: This post is written from a youth ministry perspective, however, the tactics work for any setting. Simply replace ‘youth’ or ‘teenagers’ with your ministry. Or if you are a youth minister (and are off the clock) take a sip of wine every time you see the word ‘youth’ or ‘teenager’.)   Volunteers […]

Leading in the Peripheries

Leading in the Peripheries In response to a recent article from Aleteia (, Matt and Chris discuss how we may be underserving low income communities. Are the poor leaving the Church or is the Church leaving the poor? Tune in for the discussion on how we can take off our blinders and not lose sight […]

Retaining Volunteers

After the Holy Spirit, volunteers are the most valuable asset to your ministry. It often seems like a battle to recruit volunteers, but once you’ve got them, retaining them can provide lasting, sustainable fruits in ministry. Here’s why: Retained volunteers already know the program, the process, and the people. Retained volunteers are trained, even if […]

Confirmation (No)Prep

Confirmation (No) Prep Already missing the arguing at the Thanksgiving dinner table? Have no fear, Chris and Matt are here to argue about how we do Confirmation prep. They share their thoughts on the constant debate of how to form people for the Sacraments well when many don’t want to be there. Tune in to […]

Working Remotely

Working Remotely Matt and Chris recently read “Remote: Office Not Required” by David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried. They discuss how working remotely can be beneficial for both ministry leaders and parishes. They discuss the pros of working remotely as well as some of the cons and how to lessen their effects.   All work […]