Covid Fallout

COVID Fallout COVID-19 has effected the entire world and the Church and it’s ministry leaders are feeling the effects deeply. Many have lost their jobs, had pay cut and don’t have access to the people they are called to serve. How do we as ministry leaders respond in an unprecedented time like this? Matt and […]

Welcoming & Supporting New Catholics

Welcoming and Supporting New Catholics Shaun McAffee, a catholic convert on the search for a deeper understanding of Catholicism joins Matt and Chris to talk about his new book, “I’m Catholic. Now What?” He’s been where you are, wondering what is next, so he wrote the field guide for everything from getting the most from […]

Coronavirus and the Domestic Church

Coronavirus and the Domestic Church The coronavirus is sweeping through the world and is currently changing so much about our lives, including our ministries. With large companies and dioceses postponing major events and Masses, we as ministry leaders can be unsure how to respond. Chris and Matt process the response to the virus and work […]

The Hope of Gen Z

The Hope of Gen Z To finish out our interviews around Thrive Con, conference speaker Brock Morgan joins the guys to discuss what he was learned in his ministry with Gen Z. The conversation centers primary on the topics of how to guide today’s young people through suffering & finding peace. Brock has great insights […]

Role of Comedy

Everyone has different strengths when it comes to public speaking and the Padgetts  have found that comedy is their go-to! Just because there are  a lot of laughs, doesn’t mean the message will be missed, and for youth, it could even mean they are able to get even out of the lesson. Chris and Linda […]

Becoming an Ally of Parents

Becoming an Ally of Parents Crystal Marchand from ProjectYM shares her of all her expertise on effectively ministering youth and utilizing one of the most valuable resources hidden in plain sight- their parents! Rather than talking at parents and simply sharing information, connect with them to work as a team. Matt and Chris learn all […]

Life in the Spirit

Life in the Spirit Jill Miller joins in on podcast to discuss the third person of God, the Holy Spirit. She talks uniting with the Holy Spirit to discern and reach a deeper intimacy with God then unpacks charismatic prayer stereotypes to explain the benefits of praying with the Holy Spirit. The guys discuss with […]


Worry This week’s show starts off with an absolute bang! Matt reveals something he instantly regrets and you will have the audio to prove it! This leads to a discussion about worry in ministry. Is it always a bad thing? If so, how do we avoid it. Can it sometimes be helpful? If so, when? […]