The Youth Ministry Sales Funnel Part 3

Concluding our discussion of the three-part youth ministry sales funnel, Chris explores how small groups create disciples. Those disciples then are able to restart the funnel again by inviting others into large group outreach events and begin the process again. Effective youth ministry can be boiled down to this simple process: Large group outreach creates […]

The Youth Ministry Sales Funnel Part 2

Continuing the metaphor of the “sales funnel,” Chris talks about the next important step after large groups. Small groups are not just a place to digest the large group information. It is a journey for small group leaders to guide their teens. And it is the starting point of discipleship, not the end.

The Youth Ministry Sales Funnel Part 1

Is large group youth ministry dead? Chris Bartlett says no. It is simply over used. In this three-part series, Chris will talk about the importance of intentionally forming your ministry to produce disciples and not simply confirmation candidates.

Agents of Change

For your ministry to grow, it must adapt and change to the needs of those you serve. This week, Chris talks about three important tips when making changes in your ministry.

Teaching Falsehoods for Truth

It may seem contradictory, but it is important that you talk about falsehoods in your ministry to make the truth even brighter. Chris Bartlett shares examples from his ministry experience on why exploring lies & falsehoods about our faith is important to teaching truth.

Fortnite: Building a Better Youth Ministry

The video game Fortnite: Battle Royale, available for free on PC, Mobile, Xbox One, & PS4, has blown up in popularity. It’s a hit. Since the mobile version was released, Epic Games, Fortnite’s developer, is raking in a million dollars a day. In the US, it is the app that has the most amount of […]

What Every Parent Needs to Know About 13 Reasons Why Season Two

13 Reasons Why 13 Reasons Why became a cultural phenomenon when it was released by Netflix in the spring of 2017. It sparked debates about mental health, violence, bullying, sexual assault, and suicide. A shocking number of copycat suicides were attributed to the show, and many discussed whether or not people should watch the show […]

Live the Best Story

How do you connect with the people in your ministry? We all must live the best story available to us, and in this video, Chris talks about how we use this in our ministries.