New Semester, New Ministry

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. You are in charge of leading your ministry this fall and the stakes are high. In the midst of registration, recruiting, and preparation, you are tasked with coming up with a new and improved version of programing for next year. It can all be overwhelming without the right resource.

The Next Level Ministry team has compiled a great list of resources to encourage you along the way. They are divided into 3 categories: Parents, Volunteers, and Self Care.

If you see a topic that isn’t there but should be, email us. We would love to tackle any topic that will bring you closer to success for you and your team.

Enjoy, and know that we are praying for you as your fall semester begins!


Parents can be both a ministry leader’s biggest asset and frustration. Winning with parents means partnering with parents.

Check out this post on the 5 Dangerous Don’ts of a Parent Meeting. These tips will allow your parent meeting to be successful and set you up for success at the same time.

If you have any parents who have middle school or high school students, then you will also want to put this resource in their hands. “What Every Parent Needs to Know about 13 Reasons Why Season Two examines the Netflix series that was strategically released just in time for summer. This means that many teenagers have binge watched the series. Our guide fosters authentic dialogue between a parent and their teenager on the sensitive issues brought up in the show.

You should also share Beyond the Pew which is a video series produced by Ablaze Ministries. They have currently paused production on future videos but will resume soon. However, the backlog of videos are insightful and informative for parents of all age groups, including topics like “Why Do I Go to Mass,” “How to Start a Family Bible Study,” and “School Year Stress.”

I also contributed to the easy-to-read ebook titled, “Raising Saints: A Resource for Catholic Parents.” Share this free resource with mothers, fathers, and anyone who would like to know what every child needs to become a faithful disciple of Jesus.


Volunteers are the fuel that allow ministries to flourish & succeed. Recruiting, retaining, and empowering these volunteers can be a year round process. However, the beginning of the year offers unique opportunities to form and train new & returning volunteers. “Finding Volunteers Who Get It is a video resource that runs volunteers through a simple three-piece examination. Do they Get It? Do they Want it? And, do they have the Capacity? If you can get a yes to all three, you are on your way to having a fantastic volunteer.

Building a strong volunteer team has a variety of factors to consider. You may find that you need different levels of volunteers to make it happen. “8 Steps to a Strong Volunteer Team considers these factors and lays out a strategy for having a long-term, long-lasting volunteer team.

“I want you to know you’re doing an INCREDIBLE task in bringing hearts to Christ, which is why He’s given you a team to help you and support you along the way.”

Once you have some volunteers in place, you’ll need to train them. This can take a variety of forms and will certainly include some ‘on the job training’ when teachable moments arise throughout the year. Check out the great tips offered in “Volunteer Training, Simplified“. They will give you a solid start on this process.

Self Care

I was at an event where everyone was asked to reflect on who they were in the story of the prodigal son. A priest shared that he often felt like he was the fattened calf as he was sacrificed every time someone came home to the Father. Ministry leadership is demanding. There seems to be no down time, only busy and more busy. “Go from Busy….to Beloved seeks to address this reality. Take a five minute retreat with this post and reset yourself.

“We are in the trenches of ministry and love to show off our scars. Being busy for Jesus is what makes you valuable right?” —Chris Bartlett

Finally, regular self examination is a practice every ministry leader should make time for. This will ensure that we are in the right spot and serving for the right reasons. Ministry is never meant to be a burden and always meant to bless us as we seek to bless others. Take a few minutes to reflect on the “Big Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Today. It just might shift your perspective for your best year ever!

Go and Serve Well

God is with you and we are here to support you. You do not minister alone, but journey with so many others who bravely serve Our Lord as ministry leaders.

For ongoing encouragement, check out the weekly podcast Ministry Leaders Anonymous” where we have discussions such as “Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself,” “When Things Fall Apart,” and “Delegation in Your Ministry.

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