I love Disney movies. There are so many great life lessons that I might not have seen while watching as a kid, but I see them now. One such lesson is when Aladdin is floating outside of Jasmine’s massively tall porch. He is seemingly floating on what we as the viewer know is the trusty magic carpet. Jasmine is resistant to join Aladdin because she has no idea if she will be safe when she steps off. Aladdin reaches out his hand and simply asks, “Do you trust me?”

And the rest is (fictional) history. They fly around on the magic carpet singing a beautiful duet (which I never understood- how did she know the lyrics and tune so quickly?).

But let’s narrow in on that question. The question,

“Do you trust me?”

This is the basic question God has asked throughout history. While not always stated word for word, it was always the question lying below the surface. Go all the way back to the garden of Eden. The question behind the first sin was if Adam and Eve trusted God when He told them not eating from the tree was for their own good. And we all know how that story ended.

I have found myself pondering this question quite often in recent weeks. My wife and I are in the house hunting process for the first time in our lives. We came into this process almost clueless and it has been quite a learning experience. We are having to rely almost completely on people we trust to help guide us in this new endeavor. Even with the great people on our team to help us through this process, there have been quite a few bumps (that sometimes looked like mountains) along the way that have thrown us for a loop.

The realization that we are making a huge decision and having to rely largely on the help and guidance of others has been rather difficult. This uncomfortable feeling has made me realize how often I have relied solely on myself or other people, and not fully put my trust in God.

“I believe, help my unbelief.”

Two Scripture passages have kept me going and been my prayer through this time. The first is the calling of Abraham(Gen 12:1). The first time we see Abraham in the Scriptures, the Lord immediately tells Abraham to pack his bags and move his family, with no indication of where he will settle. Abraham truly trusted God in a way that is remarkable from this one encounter with Him. What a beautiful example of faith and complete reliance on God.

The second passage is from Mark 9:23-24. Jesus says, “Everything is possible to one who has faith.Then the boy’s father cried out, “I do believe, help my unbelief!” I have known most of my life that I should put all of my faith and trust in God, but I have a hard time putting that into action day in and day out. The prayer of the boy’s father has become my prayer: “I believe, help my unbelief.”

Lord, when I want to believe but can’t seem to muster up enough faith, help me to remember your goodness and trustworthiness that you have proven time and time again. Help me to remember that Abraham putting His trust in you did not lead him astray, but to the promised land. Help me (beat it in to my head) that you are smarter than me and desire what is best for me. Help me to listen. Help me to believe. Increase my faith so that I can always answer the question of “Do you trust me?” with a bold “yes.”

(Insert emotional Disney duet about my life here.)